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This has a huge societal tourism impact

How the UK can continue to reap the benefits of hosting the OlympicsFind out more

Impact Case Studies

International impacts are arising from our research and practice development in eTourism, sustainable futures, tourism management, forecasting and development planning and disaster management.

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Public Engagement

We involve and interact with our research users and general public through events, workshops, lectures and other collaborative opportunities. Public engagement informs our research and shares our knowledge.

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Postgraduate Research

The Leisure, Recreation and Tourism theme has a vibrant postgraduate research community. PhD students are involved in a number of cutting-edge and exciting projects in the fields of tourism, hospitality, sport, leisure, retail and events. BU’s research degrees and doctoral opportunities are listed on BU’s Graduate School web pages. You can view a list of current Leisure, Recreation and Tourism PhDs or read about the researcher themselves and their projects in this section.

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