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What hospital catering could learn from the prison system

Prisoners eat better than hospital patients in Britain. Our research found that prisoners consume around three times more calories than patients and their diet is more in line with government… »

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Research News

The strange science of odour memory

Smell is a powerful sense. It can improve alertness, reduce anxiety and influence self-confidence. Certain odours can even prime people to have safe sex. Odours provide a richness to our… »

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Research News

Professor Barry Richards on ‘The Conversation’

A piece written by BU’s Professor Barry Richards was featured as a lead article on ‘The Conversation’ website. Entitled ‘A hymn confirms that the FA Cup final is a matter… »

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Centre for Ecology, Environment and Sustainability

We aim to undertake internationally recognised research on environmental change and its impacts on biodiversity, and to be a leading provider of education and training in environmental science. We are… »

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