Student Engagement

Our outstanding research at Bournemouth University shapes and changes the world around us, providing solutions to real-world problems and informing the education we deliver.

Our students are a key part of the research we conduct, co-creating knowledge with us and playing a crucial role in everything that we do.  We believe it’s really important to engage our students with research as it is a great way for them to find out what’s happening in other areas of the university and encourages them to think beyond their discipline.

We provide lots of opportunities for our students to get involved in research, which enhances their experience at university, helps to develop their valuable skills and encourages them to think about future career possibilities.  From learning about Bournemouth University’s excellent research to working alongside academics in a research project, we want our students to have every opportunity to get involved.

Some of these activities are recognised under the Global Talent Programme and allows participating/attending students to gain credit towards their Global Talent Award.