Research Equipment & Facilities

The University has a wide range of Equipment & Facilities available, such as;

Crime scene facility
  • Crime scene facility
    Crime Scene Training Centre, which includes two bedrooms, one with an ensuite, a lounge-kitchen-diner, a bank and a drugs lab, used to carry out full-scale simulated crime scene investigations
  • PCR Thermal cyclers
    Amplification of targeted sequences of DNA
  • HPLC system
    Detection and quantification of a wide variety of molecules in liquids
Design lab
  • Motion Capture (MOCAP)
    Motion Analysis – 10x camera sensors capture framework movement
  • 3D Printing
  • Acquisition Studio
    Green Screen Studio, 14m wide back wall with curves. 110msq floor
  • A wide range of surveying equipment
    e.g. GPS VIVA Reference station, Geoscan FM256.

Download a spreadsheet of all our Equipment & Facilities.