Research Data Management

Bournemouth University greatly values the research data produced by its staff, students and other collaborators. We believe that our research and associated outputs are key assets and should be managed in a way that ensures maximum impact for both the academic and wider community.

Making research data available to users is a core part of the Research Councils’ remit and is undertaken in a variety of ways. These RCUK common principles on data policy provide an overarching framework for individual Research Council policies on data policy.

The BU Research Data Management Steering Group (RDMSG) includes representatives from our academic staff, Research & Knowledge Exchange Office, Library and Learning Support, Legal Services and IT Services and its remit is to:

  • Develop institutional policy, advocacy, systems and support for managing research data;
  • Ensure compliance with RCUK and research funder requirements;
  • Enhance access to BU’s research data.

Developing access to BU’s research data is an on-going aim and progress to date includes:

  • Institutional survey of BU researchers’ data management needs and follow-up interviews.

BU aims to make our research data as openly accessible as possible. Data will be registered and discoverable via BORDaR, BU’s research data repository and linked (where applicable) to any associated research outputs via BURO, BU’s institutional repository.


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Guidance for BU researchers

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