UoA 17

This unit addresses the global challenge of understanding past and present changes within natural, cultural and historic environments to develop sustainable solutions for their long term future. This is achieved by understanding how societies and nature have adapted to change, and by using this knowledge to predict the consequences of change in the future.

The unit’s research, spanning Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology, has diverse beneficiaries and partners including:

· Governments and government departments (e.g. UK, EU);
· Environmental and cultural NGOs (e.g. English Heritage, National Trust, Society for Ecological Restoration);
· Global environmental and cultural organisations (e.g. International Commission for Missing Persons, International Criminal Tribunals, International Union for Conservation of Nature);
· Industrial developers (e.g. for housing, shellfishing, shipping, tidal barrages and wind farms).

The unit’s societal impact has global reach and is achieved through:

· Improved human wellbeing and justice;
· increased environmental quality;
· improved professional practice;
· increased economic activity;
· strengthened public policy initiatives;
· enhanced public awareness and understanding of culture and nature.

Research News