UK-China Health and Economy Partnership

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A novel knowledge transfer partnership promoting long-term collaboration in pharmacoeconomics

The UK-China Health and Economy Partnership is a novel knowledge transfer partnership that will promote long-term collaboration between the universities of Fudan, Shandong, Bournemouth, East Anglia and York.

The purpose of this project is to get key UK and Chinese universities to change the ways they share pharmacoeconomics knowledge by developing a long-term educational collaborative that promotes improvements in patient and economic well-being. Our infographic with more details can be downloaded here – the uk-china health and economy partnership.

Project summary

Professor Darrin Baines will use his experience of successfully running a British Council-funded pharmacoeconomics programme in Egypt to shape this project, which aims to build capacity in pharmacoeconomics expertise in China. To achieve this, we will deliver the following:

  • Exchange knowledge with 30 health care practitioners, managers and economists to create a core cohort of participants in the pharmacoeconomics collaborative. This will include a five day face-to-face workshop in China, including sessions by Chris Carswell, Editor-in-Chief of PharmacoEconomics, on how to perform and publish pharmacoeconomics studies.
  • Support attendees to generate plans to incorporate learning into practice and to spread knowledge around their organisations and specialised networks
  • Mentor network members via Skype, online learning chat rooms, social media groups and Twitter updates
  • Fill the gaps in knowledge in UK and China already identified and detail opportunities for future collaboration and further developments (produced as a report and accompanying peer-reviewed paper)
  • Produce a short report on the commercial educational opportunities in UK and China for international collaborations in pharmacoeconomics (involving participating universities, The British Council and GSK) that generate commercial benefits to the UK education and healthcare sectors.

Project short-term impact

  • Enhanced understanding in partner universities of new ways of working together using international best practice
  • Actionable recommendations for the application of best practice in the Chinese context to improve the effectiveness of decision-making by policy-makers and healthcare providers
  • Improved understanding of higher education development opportunities between China and UK
  • Enhanced understanding of commercial opportunities for partner universities with an exploitation plan

Project medium-to-long-term impact

  • Improved professional expertise and enhanced knowledge base in pharmacoeconomics in China
  • Support for decision-making by local/national policy-makers and healthcare providers that will lead to improved resource allocation, cost savings and better patient outcomes
  • Improved UK pharmacoeconomics outputs (research and knowledge transfer) through strengthened collaborations and continued learning from application in the Chinese context
  • Advanced collaboration between universities and industry via new research and/or commercial projects

Impacts will be sustained by:

  • Establishing “The UK-China Health and Economy Partnership” as a novel knowledge transfer collaborative
  • Using virtual methods for international knowledge transfer and shared approaches to knowledge sharing
  • Creation of a network of researchers collaborating on papers, research grants and PhD supervisions




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1) All activities and behaviours must be ethical and collaborative 

2) Knowledge transfer must be two-way between the two countries 

3) All work must be needs-based and be able to demonstrate impact 

4) Participants must seek to innovative pharmacoeconomics thinking and techniques so local needs are met 

5) We will work in close collaboration with the British Council and GSK


  • British Council China lead: Wenjing Meng
    Head of Education Policy Projects
  • Shandong University lead: Professor Sun Qiang
    School of Health Care Management
  • Fudan University lead: Professor Wen Chen
    Department of Health Economics
  • York University lead: Doctor Matthew Taylor
    Health Economics Consortium
  • UEA lead: Professor Richard Fordham
    Norwich Medical School
  • Bournemouth University lead: Professor Darrin Baines
    Dept of Accounting, Finance and Economics

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