Students’ Union Partnerships for Widening Participation

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We want to work and learn together for widening participation. The Partnerships for Widening Participation resources will help build partnerships in order to plan, undertake, reflect on and share research.

Using the resources

These resources are intended to enable and sustain partnerships between Students’ Unions and parent institutions in the area of widening participation research. Through these partnerships you can realise shared objectives.

We outline why partnership working matters, give you the opportunity to assess your own progression and provide tips and techniques to sustain those relationships. We also provide resources to help you develop and embed research into your practice.


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Who you are

If you are interesting in working in partnership to build understanding of effective practice, you might find these resources useful:

  • Students’ Unions interested in enhancing their portfolio of widening participation activities.
  • Practitioners and academics interested in a whole institution approach to supporting students to access and succeed across higher education.
Who we are

These resources emerge from Bournemouth University’s Fair Access Research programme. The tailored research strategy is rooted in learning together to make real changes for students and staff. This commitment to research as co-creation aligns with BU’s Vision and Values.

Professor Gail Thomas

The unique Fair Access Research programme harnesses the expertise of researchers, practitioners and students from across the university. Jane de Vekey and Joff Cooke from SUBU; Sue Eccles from CEL; Maggie Hutchings, Jonathan Williams and Colin Pritchard from Health and Social Sciences; PhD students Lizzie Gauntlett and Ed Bickle. The Principal Investigators of the project are Dr Vanessa Heaslip and Dr Clive Hunt

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