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Arriving just in time for Halloween, the new Shelley’s Heart project, an interactive app, focuses around the original story of Frankenstein, featuring alter egos of Mary Shelley and the romantic poets.

What is this project?

Shelley’s Heart is a free app that empowers you to read minds, time travel and raise the dead!  This location-aware story celebrates the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein by linking 4 story-paths to locations in St. Peter’s churchyard in Bournemouth town centre, the site where Mary Shelley is buried. Debuting on the 31st of October (Halloween) 2018, this interactive, multi-media experience re-imagines historical figures as modern hipsters. Each of the 4 stories traces a different path through the churchyard and  focuses on a specific character, including contemporary versions of Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and John Keats, plus the ghost of Percy Shelley, a restless spirit desperate to locate his missing heart.

Why is this project important?

2018 is the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein and this innovative app and creative work honours Mary Shelley’s legacy.

Mary Shelley is an important figure in the history of Bournemouth. Every year, The Frankenstein-Shelley festival is held to celebrate and acknowledge this history.

Shelley is buried in St Peters Churchyard in Bournemouth with the heart of her husband.

Key dates to know

31st October – The release of Shelley’s Heart, 5.00PM at St Peter’s Churchyard

31st October – Gala dinner and live panel discussion, 7.00PM at Marsham Court Hotel

For more information

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