Paralympics on Social Change and Cultural Legacy

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Research on the commercial mediation of para-sport bodies is in its infancy, with little known about how such coverage shapes public attitudes or influences the everyday lives of people with disabilities. Within this project we aim to provide an important and contextually ground evidence base on para-sport representations and public attitudes towards disabilities so as to develop insights and knowledge and develop policy recommendations to a range of relevant parties.

This research seeks to advance these benefits through collaborative/interdisciplinary/creative work that can reframe public and academic debates about para-sport representations, that can bridge the theory/practice/policy gap, that ensures elevated disabled voices, and that can provide maximum benefits for the public, policy makers, host cities, and media-practitioners. Further, the on-going, public, accessible and open communication embedded within the research, and integrated project documentary, will ensure the largest possible interdisciplinary and international user community for the research and project outcomes.



The aim of this project is to address:

  • The meanings ascribed to para-sport bodies through the mediation of the 2016 Paralympics
  • Audience interpretations of these representations
  • Through creative artworks, how meanings ascribed to para-sport bodies influence public understandings of people with disabilities, inclusion/exclusion, and the full participation of people with disabilities in everyday life


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Bournemouth University, UK

RedBalloon Productions, UK

Stephanie Farmer
Executive Producer

University of Bath, UK

Dr Emma Rich
Senior Lecturer

Loughborough University, UK

Dr David Howe
Reader in Social Anthropology of Sport

Nottingham Trent University, UK

Dr Carla Silva
Senior Lecturer

Western University, Canada

Dr Laura Misener
Associate Professor

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