NuFEAST Nutritional Well-being and growing food

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Welcome to the NuFEAST project: Optimising Nutritional Health and Well-being through local, sustainable food systems.


NuFEAST will explore how sustainable food and eating practices, including growing food at home, in community gardens and allotments, is associated with food knowledge, confidence and skills and “nutritional well-being”.

The concept of “nutritional well-being” is at the centre of this project. Nutritional well-being means more than just getting the right amount of nutrients – it includes being happy with the food available, trusting the source of food, knowing how to produce culturally appropriate and healthy meals and feeling confident that food is contributing to personal and family well-being and also that eating habits do not compromise the long-term well-being of other people, animals and the environment.

Identifying how and when people experience nutritional well-being and what role growing food at home can have in this will contribute towards future directions in nutrition education and in policy development relating to both public health and local, sustainable agriculture.

Why is this project important?

Communities in the UK and Europe are investigating ways of improving their food systems in order to eat more sustainably, with the aim of improving both planetary and human health. Throughout the UK there are 40 Sustainable Food Cities, each with their own local challenges. Although the food systems in each city and town are unique, one universal feature is encouragement and support for more home grown and locally grown food. A culture shift will be required in order to make home growing more widespread. More information surrounding the benefits of home grown food for human health as well as the environment can contribute towards changes in policy and thinking that will mean more widespread growing food, cooking food and valuing local food in our society.

Latest news from this project:

NuFEAST is a two year EU funded project (Marie Skłodowska-Curie, Horizon 2020) starting in September 2015 and ending in August 2017. It has resulted in partnership between Bournemouth University and Bournemouth and Poole Sustainable Food City Project.

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