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DESTI-SMART is a project addressing challenges for efficient sustainable tourism and at the same time promotion of low-carbon economy. Public regional/local and transport authorities increasingly face such challenges, particularly at busy destinations with high tourism travel flows.

The 10 project partners, representing mass tourism destinations in South Europe, emerging tourism destinations, coastal, maritime and insular ones, form a working scheme promoting inter-regional cooperation for sustainable mobility, accessibility and low-carbon responsible travel, through identification of best practices, improvement of regional/local policy instruments and preparation of action plans towards their emergence and recognition as ‘Smart Destinations’.

The objective is to improve the transport and tourism policies of EU destinations, by integrating strategies for sustainable mobility, accessibility and responsible travel with efficient & sustainable tourism development through transition to a low-carbon economy.

You can find out more about the project by visiting the DESTI-SMART website.



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  • Derek Robbins, Senior Lecturer, Dept Tourism & Hospitality Management

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