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The aim of the Computational Intelligence Research Initiative (CIRI) is to improve the comprehension of computational intelligence processes for everyone: researchers, domain experts, and those without any relevant experience. Computational intelligence processes are nature inspired, e.g. evolutionary algorithms, and can be used to address complex real-world problems where traditional approaches fail.

These processes often involve complex algorithms, and yield many trade-off solutions to a problem which a domain expert must choose from. We focus on enhancing the interaction between the user and the computational intelligence algorithm using interactive visualisations, to enable a user from any background to understand the state of the process. This research is led by Dr. Shahin Rostami and is a joint effort between members of the Machine Intelligence Group, Human Computer Interaction Group, Engineering of Social Informatics Research Group, and external collaborators from other universities.

Outreach is an important part of CIRI, and through public videos published on YouTube we aim to gain the interest of people from any background. These videos are intended for everyone, and as such no pre-existing knowledge of the subject or any scientific background is expected.

We also provide an open-source data-set, MooViz, to support the development of visualisation techniques for multi-objective optimisation.




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Latest news from this project:

  • Computational Intelligence Research Initiative releases CMA-HAGA implementation

    CMA-HAGA is a state-of-the-art algorithm for complex real-world optimisation problems. It has been developed over 5 years, and applied to problems from fields including mechanical engineering, physics, control theory, and health.... »

  • CIRI organising Special Session at CIBCB 2017

    The Computational Intelligence Research Initiative (CIRI) at Bournemouth University is organising a Special Session on Machine Learning in Medical Diagnosis and Prognosis at IEEE CIBCB 2017. The IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics... »

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  • Mr. Kevin Wilson, PGR
  • Mr. Luu Duc Trung, PGR
  • Mr. Flynn Acworth, RA
  • Miss. Sherin Varghese, RA



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