Yomna Kamel: Who’s driving the Arab Spring Coverage?

Researcher: Yomna Kamel

Thesis Working title: Who’s driving the Arab Spring Coverage? The Egyptian Case: Examining an Interdependency Relationship between (cyber) political activists and International News Sites: Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, RT and XINHUA

Supervisory team: Dr Einar Thorsen, Stephen Jukes, Prof Stuart Allan

Yomna Kamel is a PhD candidate with the Media School and the Centre for Journalism and Communication Research at Bournemouth University. Her research looks at media coverage of the Arab uprisings with a focus on the Egyptian case.

She is examining the impact of news organizations – activists relationship on the coverage through looking at how events associated with the Egyptian Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) were reported by five international news sites: Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, RT and XINHUA.

Yomna started her career as a journalist with UAE’s daily Gulf News. She later moved to Cairo where she wrote for Arabic and English publications. She maintains two blogs: www.arabmediaforum.blogspot.com and www.yomnakamel.blogspot.com

Yomna is a graduate of the American University in Cairo with a BA in Mass Communication (major) and Political Science (minor). She was awarded an MA in Journalism Studies from the University of Cardiff in 1999. Upon receiving her postgraduate degree, she moved to academia as a lecturer of Journalism and Mass Communication with Misr International University in Cairo (2000-2004) and then as a Journalism Faculty Member at the Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai Women’s College (2004-2008).

She can be contacted at: ykamel@bournemouth.ac.uk