Vladislava Segen:  How does ageing affect ability to recognise places, stay oriented & navigate successfully

Student:                      Vladislava Segen
Email:                          segenv@bournemouth.ac.uk
Start Date:                  November 2017
Supervisory TeamProfessor Jan Wiener, Dr Tim Slattery and Marios Avraamides

Project Overview:  Vladislava’s project is using eye-tracking and virtual environment technology combined to investigate how typical ageing affects our ability to recognise places including binding objects to specific locations. This project also aims to quantify what cues older adults use to differentiate similar environments and whether those differ from the cues employed by younger adults. During this project Vladislava will  also aim to design a training intervention that would facilitate older adults to encode informative information by guiding ocular behaviour in the aim to improve older adults place recognition.​  Currently the project is focusing on object location binding in older adults.