Recently completed PhDs in the School of Tourism

The School of Tourism has a long history of being one of the foremost providers of PhD training in tourism, hospitality, leisure, events and associated areas.

Our impressive range of successes in PhD completions and the breadth of the range of topics is illustrated for 2008-2013 below:


Alexandra Isabela Lopes Correia – “An Examination of Inter-Business Cooperation by Wine and Tourism Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in the Douro Valley of Portugal”

Chun Liu – “Understanding Chinese Travellers’ Travel Experiences in the UK: A Critical Analysis of an Online Community”

Andrew Edward Hares – “Tourist Understanding of and Engagement with the Climate Change Impacts of Holidays”

Julia Frances Hibbert – “Understanding the Role of the Tourists’ Identity in Travel”

Joanne Lynn Pyke – “Promotional Impact on Image Formation of an Aboriginal Tourist Destination”

Philip Ryland – “Visitors: Their Choice of Activities and the Importance of On-Site Interpretation in Enhancing Their Overall Experience at a World Heritage Site, The Jurassic Coast, UK”


Paula Angela Shepherd – “The Effects of a Hospital Ward Eating Environment on Patients’ Mealtime Experience ”

Jeffery Paul Bray – “A Critical Evaluation Into the Role of Ethics in Clothing Purchase Decisions”

Andrew Spencer – “Technology Adoption Determinants: Strategic Management Implications for Small, Owner-Managed Travel Firms in Jamaica”

Charles Mccullocfh Mcintyre – “The Poetics of Sensory-Spatial Experience in Varieties of Leisure Consumption and the Diversity of Cultural Ecology”

Deborah Jane Sadd – “Mega-Events, Community Stakeholders and Legacy, London 2012”

Sarimah Ismail – “Customer Satisfaction Dining Experience in Malaysian Malay Restaurants”

Deolinda Goretti Vaz Da Silva Rebelo – “The Role of Social Relationships in the Setting Up and Management of Small Tourism Businesses in Two Portuguese Rural Areas”

Steven Boyne – “Leadership and Motivation in Hospitality”

Maeve Marie Marmion – “Understanding Heritage: Multiple Meanings and Values”


Kanokkarn Kaewnuch – “The Perceptions of Members of the Karen and Hmong Hill Tribes of the Impacts Upon Their Communities Resulting from the Development of Tourism in Northern Thailand”

Samrat Hazra – “An Evaluation of Tourism Stakeholder Relationships: A Case Study of Agra, India”

Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova – “Tourism Development in Transition Economies: A Critical Evaluation of the Development of a Black Sea Coastal Destination During a Period of Political and Socio-Economic Transition”

Victoria Lindsay-Towner – “A Virtual Ethnography of the Black Flag Café: A Forum for People Who Travel to Dangerous Places”

Viachaslau Filimonau – “Reviewing the Carbon Footprint assessment of Tourism: Developing and Evaluating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to Introduce a More Holistic Approach to Existing Methodologies”

Susanne Maria Shukuru Gellweiler – “Looking Through the Kaleidoscope: Perspectives on the Lived Experiences of Sport Event Volunteering”


Michelle Mcleod – “Inter-Organisational Knowledge Sharing by Owners and Managers of Tourism and Hospitality Businesses of the Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch Conurbation, United Kingdom: An Analysis of the Motives, Information Content and Networking”

Somruthi Soontayatron – “Socio-Cultural Changes in Thai Beach Resorts: A Case Study of Koh Samui Island, Thailand”

Denise Maria Ann Hewlett – “Community Participation in Local Decision-Making in Protected Areas: The Case of the New Forest National Park, Hampshire, England”

Dorothea Elisabeth Angelica Cramer – “Consumer Perceptions and Experiences of Relationships with Service Organisations: Financial, Travel and Tourism Organisations”

Augusta Adjei Frempong – “Developing Authentic Foodservices to Support the Development of Tourist Attractions in Ghana”

Salem Salameh Harahsheh – “An Evaluation of the Image of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the British and Swedish Markets and the Implications for Marketing the Country as a Tourism Destination”


Bruce Grant-Braham – “An Investigation Into Motorsport Sponsorship: A Comparative Analysis of Two and Four Wheeled Sponsorship”

Jaruwan Daengbuppha – “Modelling Visitor Experience: A Case Study from World Heritage Sites, Thailand”

Carlos De Oliveira Fernandes – “Community Engagement with Local Associations and in the Development of Tourism: A Case Study of Residents of Three Parishes in the Peneda Geres National Park”

Hanna Janta – “The Experiences of Polish Migrant Workers in the UK Hospitality Industry”


Dorothy Fox – “Understanding Garden Visitors: The Affordances of a Leisure Environment”

Pimmada Wichasin – “A Study of Thai Women as Health Tour Participants in Relation to Lifestyle and Leisure Practice”

Carla Isabela De Moura Pinto Cardoso – “An Analysis of the Perceived Effects of European Economic Monetary Union Upon the Hotel Industry in the North of Portugal”

Susanna Curtin – “Wildlife Tourism: Tourist Expectations, Experiences and Management Implications”

Alan Fyall – “Managing Destinations: A Collaborative Approach. The Emergence and Development of Sub-Regional Destination Management Arrangements in the South West of England”