Pree Thiengburanathum: A Route Recommendation System for Tourists in IoT Environment

Researcher: Pree Thiengburanathum

The increasing number of international tourists and the large amount of information that is available on the Internet and other sources has given tourists a lot of information; but made it difficult for them to choose the right trip/route plan based on their preferences.

Significant academic literature, the latest methodologies and other related works associated with the challenges of tourist trips and route planning have been reviewed. To address the problem, the design of advanced software     using the approach of a Multi-Agents based Decision Support System (MADSS) will be discussed.

The MADSS promises to provide a real-time intelligent travel recommendation and will be integrated within a tourism management system framework within the Internet of Things (IoT) environment; Radio Frequency         Identification (RFID) has been selected as the technology.

It is hoped that through my PhD research and developing this technology, we will be able to offer tourists more clarity and choice in organising their trips both here and abroad.