Postgraduate Research Students in Centre for Midwifery, Maternal and Perinatel Health

Want to find out more about postgraduate study at BU?  Read on to find out more about the postgraduate studies being undertaken at the Centre for Midwifery, Maternal and Perinatel Health.

Rachel Arnold is exploring the culture of a Kabul maternity hospital to understand its impact on the care of perinatal women and their babies

Luisa Cescuitti-Butler’s research focuses on women’s experiences of caring for late pre-term infants.

Dana Colbourne is looking at the impact of The SMILE Project – Student Midwives Integrated Learning Environment.

Elizabeth Davis is looking at student learning.

Elizabeth Davey’s research explores women’s experiences of wellbeing through attendance ataquanatal exercise classes.

Jane Fry is exploring Independent Midwives’ experiences of utilising intuition during maternity care

Katherine Gutteridge is looking at fear and anxiety around birth

Hannah Haydock brings archaeology and midwifery together to explore the weaning age in post-medieval to modern populations

Debbee Houghton is exploring midwives’ perspectives of medicine management in contemporary practice.

Preeti Mahato is looking at birth centres in Nepal

Sue Mant’s research focuses on Sign-off Midwife Mentorship (and the experience of newly qualified sign-off midwife mentors)

Dominique Mylod is bringing physiotherapy and midwifery together to answer the question: Can pelvic positioning help women cope with pain in early labour?

Carol Richardson is exploring: What are obese pregnant women’s perceptions of maternity care?

Sheetal Sharma is conducting a mixed methods evaluation of a maternity care intervention in rural Nepal.

Alison Taylor is using video diaries to understand women’s experiences of breastfeeding

Layla Toomer is looking at community care provided by midwives and maternity support workers in the postnatal period

Daisy Wiggins is evaluating My Birthplace: a computerised decision making tool to support women, their partners and midwives to make a decision about place of birth

Donna Wixted is conducting an exploration of the conflict between harm reduction and abstinence in UK maternity care