Pippa Hillen: What attitudes do newly qualified adult field nurses have towards their role in public health?

Researcher: Pippa Hillen

Pippa Hillen is enrolled on the PhD Research Programme part-time at Bournemouth University from 2013-2020. Pippa is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Brighton leading the pre-registration nursing programmes and teaching public health. Pippa is qualified as a registered nurse, midwife, specialist public health practitioner, nurse        prescriber, and nurse teacher, and has been in higher education since 2002.

The intended methodology of the project is constructionist grounded theory using interviews with nurses qualified as adult field nurses within the last 3 years and documentary analysis of current policy and curriculum documents.

Pippa is interested in newly qualified nurses’ (NQN) sense of the meaning of the contested concepts of health,     public health, and health promotion. For this study NQN’s are defined as those qualified within the last 3 years.     The nursing education standards of 2004 and 2010 require public health and health promotion to be part of the pre-registration nursing curriculum and public health is seen as a core part of the nurse’s role in the Chief Nursing Officer’s bulletins at the Department of Health.

This project seeks to generate theory as to how and to what extent theoretical understanding of public health and health promotion informs adult field NQN’s practice.