PhDs currently in progress in the School of Tourism

The School of Tourism has a vibrant postgraduate research community. PhD researchers are involved in a number of cutting-edge and exciting projects in the fields of tourism, hospitality, sport, leisure, retail and events.


“The Development of Culturally-Sustainable Tourism in Islamic Destinations: A Collaborative Approach – Kuwait, A Case Study” (Abeer Alrumaih)

“The role of the local community in the nomination and management of a World Heritage Site and the impact of World Heritage on the development of tourism – Jatiluwih Rice Fields, Bali, Indonesia” (Gde Indra Bhaskara)

“A critical analysis of the perceived factors influencing the decision to whether to cooperate or not, from a tourism and wine businesses’ perspective in the Douro region, Portugal” (Alexandra Correia)

“Reviewing the carbon footprint analysis of tourism: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a new approach to measure the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of holiday travel” (Vlachaslau Filimonau)

“The impact of social media on consumer behaviour: focus on leisure travel” (Ioannis Fotis)

“A critical analysis of the experiences of female business owners in the development and management of micro and small handicraft businesses in an Islamic Society – The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” (Rafa Haddad)

“Innovative service marketing delivery using social media networking: learning from review websites in the tourism/hospitality industry” (Nicolas Gregori)

“Climate change and the holiday decisions of tourists” (Andrew Hares)

“An evaluation of tourism stakeholder relationships: a case study of Agra, India” (Samrat Hazra)

“Tourism, travel and identity” (Julia Hibbert)

“The perceptions of members of the Karen and Hmong hill tribes of the impacts upon their communities resulting from the development of tourism in northern Thailand” (Kanokkarn Kaewnuch)

“Tourists, terrorism and the media ” (Grzegorz Kapuscinski)

“Enhancing understanding of danger tourism through a virtual case study: The Black Flag Café online forum ” (Victoria Lindsay-Towner)

“Understanding Chinese travellers’ travel experiences in Europe” (Chun Liu)

“Sustainable Development in Touristic Communities: A Case Study of Resorts Experiences in Porto Seguro (Brazil) and Bournemouth (England)” (Alessandra Malaquais Silva Bunel)

“Understanding heritage: multiple meanings and values” (Maeve Marmion)

“Diversification into farm tourism in S.W. England. An analysis of the determining factors and rationales” (Ian McKinley)

“The determinants of firm technology adoption: strategic management implications for travel industry retailers” (Andrew Spencer)

“Performance evaluation framework for effective sub-regional destination management organisations” (Thanasis Spyriadis)

“Tourism development in transition economies: a critical evaluation of the development of a Black Sea coastal destination during a period of political and socio-economic transition (1989-2009)” (Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova)

“Tourism related businesses in rural areas: the role of social relationships” (Goretti Vaz da Silva Rebelo)

“3D mobile, context-aware tourism city applications: technology challenges and user requirements” (Zornitza Yovcheva)

“Host perceptions of tourism impacts – the case of Hefei, capital city of Anhui Province, P.R. China” (Kai Zhang)


“An investigation into consumer perceptions of the authenticity of food” (Sean Beer)

“Leadership and motivation in hospitality” (Steven Boyne)

“Knowledge management and networking as a crucial success factor in the micro-sized accommodation sector in a rural area of Baden-Württemberg, Germany” (Susanne Hilland)

“Customer Satisfaction in Malaysian Malay Restaurants: A Grounded Theory Approach” (Sarimah Ismail)

“The hospital eating environment” (Paula Shepherd)

“Extraordinary experiences in foodie culture: a virtual ethnography” (Pamela Watson)


“An ethnographic study and analysis on participation and motivation in Masters swimming” (Janet Hutchings)

“A narrative inquiry into the experience of maltreatment in competitive sport” (Emma Kavanagh)

“The cult hero in British professional football” (Keith Parry)

“An evaluation of the diffusion and adoption of sport psychology by track and field coaches” (Amanda Wilding)

Leisure, retail and events

“A critical evaluation into the role of ethical attributes in clothing purchase behaviour” (Jeffery Bray)

“The influence of mass media on countryside visit behaviour compared to other forms of socialization” (Stephen Calver)

“Looking through the kaleidoscope: perspectives on the lived experiences of sport event volunteering” (Susanne Gellweiler)

“The lived experiences of music festival goers” (Caroline Jackson)

“Sport mega-events as strategic nation-branding platforms: the case of South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup™, South Africa” (Brendon Knott)

“Leisure consumption: sensory experience within space, place and dreamscape” (Charles McIntyre)

“Planning for mega sport events: leveraging impacts and legacies” (Rami Mhanna)

“Consumers as producers: the dimensions of consumer-to-consumer co-creation in the event experience” (Ivana Rihova)

“Exploring differences in academic consulting style in knowledge transfer initiatives” (Nick Rowles)

“Visitors: their choice of activities and the importance of on-site interpretation in enhancing their overall experience at a World Heritage Site, The Jurassic Coast, UK” (Philip Ryland)

“Mega-events, community stakeholders and legacy: London 2012” (Deborah Sadd)