PhD Students in Creative Technology

1 Ibrahim Mansour Cloud Security 20/01/2015
2 Adel Alkhalil Cloud Computing: Migration to Cloud Services 20/02/2012
4 Hana Almakky Facebook User Interface Design to Suit the Saudi Arabian Culture 01/06/2012
5 Justice Opara-Martins Cloud Computing and E-Business: The Integration, Challenges and Opportunities 07/01/2013
6 Jing Wang Intelligent Image Understanding 30/09/2014
7 Chi Zhang HCI in Mobile Application 05/01/2015
8 Xinglong Ma Annotation and Reuse of Open Educational Resources for Online Education 10/01/2012
9 Jessika Weber Augmented Reality Gaming : A New Paradigm for Tourist Experience 10/01/2012
10 Dhana Frerichs Next Generation Gaming Technologies 24/09/2012
11 Karsten Pedersen Platform-agnostic Software Development 30/09/2011
12 Rahul Dey Procedural Content Generation for Games 30/09/2013
13 Rosie Campbell Augmented Virtuality for Broadcasting 29/09/2014
14 Owen O Neil Accessible Gaming for Stroke Rehab 24/09/2012
15 Peter Allen Investigating and Visualising the Effects of Environment on Prey Detection Rates 29/09/14
16 Nathan Barrett Rehabilitation of the upper limb following stroke by the combined use of VR and FES 29/09/14
17 Chris Ramsey Eye-tracking for Navigation &Wayfinding 30/09/2013
18 Clare Cutler Does participation in a gaming technology group have benefits for the quality of life of community dwelling people with dementia? 24/09/2012
19 Earl Merson Multi-channel current stimulator for FES applied to stroke rehabilitation 04/01/2011
20 Lalitha Venugopalan Tetragrip system for patients with spinal injuries 01/06   /2013
21 Katy Connor An investigation into the material qualities of digital media processes 02/10/2011
22 Asha Blatherwick Assistive Music Technology 30/09/2014
23 Manoharan Ramachandran A Cloud Based Intelligent Transport Framework for Schools Sep-15
24 Thomas Matthew Game for Education Sep-15
25 Long Chen Physics Simulation in AR Oct-15
26 Alain Simon Vector Pixels to represent Photographic images Sep-15