Mevalyn Cross. Restoring the human dimensions to health service delivery: Evaluating the impacts of a novel theory-driven improvement strategy for the care of older people in hospital

Mevalyn Cross is evaluating the effectiveness of the humanisation framework (Todres, Galvin & Holloway, 2009) for its practical applicability, by means of action research in order to help improve patient care on an elderly care ward.

The research aim is to evaluate whether, by working in participatory action groups in collaboration with patients, carers and nursing staff from Poole Hospital, the humanisation framework can help to provide a focus and direction that will ultimately equip people to design and deliver healthcare interventions that value the experience of being human. In practice this means that these tri-partite groups will use the humanisation framework in a collaborative way to examine current caring practice, decide areas in which change needs to occur, design and deliver change interventions and evaluate outcomes.

On completion of this research a clear instruction manual detailing the process will allow for transferability and sustainability.

Supervisors: Professor Les Todres and Dr Caroline Ellis-Hill.