Mary O’Malley: Spatial Memory in Dementia Patients and Dementia Friendly Care Homes

Researcher: Mary O’Malley

Mary O’Malley gained a PhD position focusing on Dementia Friendly Architecture supervised by Dr Jan Wiener, Professor Anthea Innes and Dr Mariela Gaete Reyes. She is interested in finding ways to facilitate spatial memory in people with dementia (in particular Alzheimer’s disease) and how navigational theories can be applied to the care-home environment in order to improve care-home design; making it easier for dementia patients to navigate their surroundings and minimising confusion, which can be a cause of distress to patients.

She gained her BSc in Psychology from Cardiff University where her dissertation (supervised by Prof. Mark Good) focused on the effects of an antioxidant diet on aged memory systems.

During her degree Mary completed a 9 month Internship at The Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Germany, researching spatial cognition (supervised by Dr Tobias Meilinger) and used a variety of Virtual Reality equipment and programming packages.

In September 2013,  Mary became a Dementia Friend and she is looking forward to spending the next few years working with BUDI (Bournemouth University Dementia Institute).

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