Mananya Podee: Improving holiday accommodation and service provision for people with dementia

Student: Mananya Podee (Mandy)
Start date: September 2014
Supervisory Team: Dr Kip Jones and Dr Michelle Heward

Project overview: The aim of Mananya’s research is to critically evaluate the needs people with dementia have toward tourism activities in order to develop dementia-friendly holiday accommodation. The complexity of living with dementia creates potential barriers for us when attempting to understand this group of people in order to improve their quality of life, well-being, and reduce the risk of further developing their condition. This research will help us to understand the needs of people with dementia and their relation to the tourism industry thereby informing the tourism providers and contribute to improve staff training, provide tourism activities, and develop appropriate facilities for people with dementia. This research also aims to transition via legislation or future policies to a society where dementia can be of same status as other disabilities, and accommodating people with dementia is an obligation rather than an option.