Jenny Roddis: Living with a long-term condition: A grounded theory study

Researcher: Jenny Roddis

Jenny Roddis has a first degree in Human Genetics and a Masters in Intellectual Property Management. She has a strong interest in how people live with and experience long-term conditions, and particularly how information may contribute to this. She also has a methodological interest in the grounded theory approach, particularly in the       different approaches. Jenny believes it is important to inform members of the public about research, and has been involved in activities designed to engage the public in the findings of her work.

This study aims to explore and explain people’s views and understanding of having a long-term condition, and the influence of these on life with the condition. The long-term conditions being considered are thrombophilia        (tendency for blood to clot inappropriately) and asthma.

A constructivist grounded theory approach has been adopted. This involves interviewing people about their     condition, then comparing the information collected, to produce a theory explaining how they see their long-term condition and how this affects their life with the condition. Due to the type of grounded theory approach being used, the theory is contextualised (i.e. specific to a time, place and culture; in this instance the UK in the early 21st Century, where the NHS exists to provide care which is free at the point of delivery).

It is hoped that the findings of the research will help healthcare professionals to understand how their patients view life with a long-term condition, and particularly how these views may differ from those of healthcare           professionals. In doing so, healthcare professionals may gain an understanding of why patients may not always follow their advice. They may also be better able to target health promotion and illness prevention strategies        towards patients’ perspectives.


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