Jeffrey Wale: Decision making at the beginning of life: the interface between medical practice, regulation and the criminal law in the UK. A study of selective reductions of pregnancy during the first trimester.

Researcher: Jeffrey Wale

Jeffrey Wale’s PhD research combines the disciplines of criminal law with the regulation of medical practice. Exploring and engaging with decision making at the very beginning of possible ‘human’ life in the context of selective reductions in pregnancy in the first trimester. This study concentrates on the reduction of multiple pregnancies.

Whilst such pregnancies are naturally occurring, the incidence is significantly higher where techniques of assisted reproduction have been used. This study will examine the moral, ethical and legal issues generated by these      techniques and subsequent reductions.

It will explore the selection process and criteria, the impact of technological advances (including genetic/sex      testing), the techniques deployed and the fit of existing legal/professional regulation and guidance.

Black letter law and qualitative research methods will be adopted.