Examining European media history comparators

Postgraduate media historians from Bournemouth University’s Media School had the privilege of a week with colleagues from Sweden and Germany as part of the European Media History (EMHIS) project earlier this month.

Tony Stoller attended and said: “The transnational dimension is an important one in this area of research, and previously rather neglected. The interaction with academics from Lund and Hamburg, and significant input from a Luxembourg expert, opened up new perspectives on the field.

“It was interesting therefore to attend a lecture at another University this week, about UK television, which provided comparisons between practice in the US and the UK. However, no such benchmarking was available with European experience, even though for the particular subject under discussion it could have been very relevant. We have more to do to understand transnational study, and EMHIS instigated a mode of examination which we will all want to take forward.”