Creative Technology PhD Student Manoharan Ramachandran

A cloud based intelligent transport framework for schools

Manoharan joined Bournemouth University in September 2015 as a full time PhD research student. He received his M.Eng in computer science and B.Tech in information technology from Anna University – India. His interest in transportation systems and his decision to continue research in this field is the outcome of his profound interest in intelligent transportation systems. He has been involved in a number of research projects in the field of intelligent transportation systems to create innovative applications for the safety of drivers and passengers. Manoharan has published his research progress as part of various national and international conferences. For his research work he have been awarded best paper award, best project award, young investigator award and International Society for Technology in Education’s best student award of the year 2012.


The aim of his research is to develop an interactive cloud based intelligent transport framework for schools to capture analyse and disseminate data in real-time on the school transport network to benefit drivers, parents, children and transport operators.  Most people use transportation for day-to-day activities in which 105 out of the 973 trips made per person is for school-runs. But there are no specific safety models for children en-route to school and home. The major problems faced in school transportation are the route planning for school vehicles and the real time vehicle tracking & monitoring.

The proposed model in this research will provide a new framework to enable communication with all stake-holders. By working closely with schools and transport providers, a knowledge gap is identified. The goal is to create a framework to capture all defined elements of the knowledge gap. The initial plan is for a pilot scheme to be run in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, where we would expect to work closely with local authorities and schools to gather feedback and model adjustment to perfect a solution, prior to a nation wider roll-out.


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International Journal

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National Conferences

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National Level Technical Symposiums

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  2. R.Manoharan, “Undergraduate research,” presented in 12th ISTE State Level Students Convention in Changes and Challenges in the Environment for Tech. Graduands at APEC, Feb. 2013.