Creative Technology PhD Student Adel Alkhalil

A Model to Support the Decision Process for Migration to Cloud Computing

AdelAlkhalilA PhD researcher in creative technology research centre under supervision of Dr Reza Sahandi. Adel’s research area is in implementing new technologies in organisations. Current research is focusing on exploring the difficulties in the decision-making process of migrating legacy systems to cloud computing and the migration impacts on business processes, organisations’ cultures and IT management roles. In 2010, Adel recevied his MSc in the Management of Information Technology from Nottingham University and in 2012 he started his PhD at Bournemouth University.

List of publications:

  • Sahandi, R., Alkhalil, A. and Opara-Martins, J., 2013. Cloud Computing from SMEs perspective: a Survey based Investigation. Journal of Information Technology Management, 24, (1), 1-12.
  • Alkhalil, A., Sahandi, R. and John, D., 2015. A Decision Process Model to Support Migration Cloud Computing. The International Journal of Business Information Systems in press.
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  • Alkhalil, A., Sahandi, R. and John, D., 2014. Migration to Cloud Computing: A Decision Process Model [Online]. In: Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems, CECIIS-2014, In Varazdin, Croatia, 17-19, September 2014.