Andrew Moss: Forgetting odours: The independence of olfactory short term memory

Andrew Moss monitoring a research participant as they memorise a sequence of odours.

Researcher: Andrew Moss

Although in its early stages, my research is primarily focusing on the existence and independence of an olfactory short term memory. Odours have demonstrated unique characteristics in memory tasks, which when compared to other types of stimuli appear to suggest that they are processed in qualitatively different ways.

The research aims to further examine this independence, in particular considering the interaction between the odour perceptual code and phonological information when creating an odour object in memory.

Various methodologies will be applied, but an odour sequence memory paradigm is likely to be used, building upon previous research by Andrew Johnson.

I hope to examine this odour memory in the context of forgetting, especially with consideration of mild cognitive impairments and in the potential early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease.