Open Access

Publishing research open access enables findings to be used and widely shared beyond the academic world.  By making research freely available, academics enable others benefit from and use their knowledge almost instantly.

There are two ways that researchers can publish their work open access. The ‘gold route’ of open-access publications is to publish in an open access journal, or to pay an extra fee to allow their research to be more widely available.  The ‘green route’ is to publish an article in a journal and then archive a version of that article within their institution’s repository.

Within BU, there are a number of ways we support academics to publish their work open access, including an open access fund, and an institutional repository.

BU Open Access funding application

The BU Open Access Publication Fund is a centralised fund which was launched in April 2011, both in response to and in support of various developments in research communication and publication trends. The funding application is managed by the Research and Knowledge Exchange Office (RKEO) and is designed to support researchers in complying with 1. HEFCE’s post-REF2014 Open Access policy (via the Gold route), and 2. the Open Access mandate introduced by major funding bodies as a condition of their grants.

The fund is open to any BU author ready to submit a peer-reviewed and accepted article for publication and who wishes to make their output immediately and openly accessible.  For further information on how to apply for funding, please email, please email or visit BU’s research blog.