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Face Blindness Awareness Campaign

Prosopagnosia or face blindness is a cognitive condition where people cannot recognize other individuals from their faces. Rarely, the condition can be acquired following brain injury or illness, but as many as 2% of the population have a developmental form of the condition – meaning that thousands of adults and as many as 300,000 children in the UK alone may have face blindness. Despite the condition’s high prevalence, many people have never heard of prosopagnosia. This is an urgent issue as face blindness can have devastating consequences for those living with the condition.

In 2013, Dr Sarah Bate (Centre for Face Processing Disorders, Department of Psychology) was awarded a Public Engagement Grant from the British Psychological Society to increase public awareness of prosopagnosia. In partnership with the Encephalitis Society, Sarah has produced the following information video. In June 2014, the team are also contributing to a Roundtable discussion in the House of Commons, calling for measures to promote public and professional awareness of the condition.

Further information can be found on the Centre for Face Processing Disorder’s webpage:

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