Sustainable Tourism Development

BU has had an active community of sustainable tourism development researchers since 1993. Situated within the International Centre for Tourism and Hospitality Research, the team conduct research, consultancy and training activities relating to the many facets of sustainable tourism development. Members of the team have worked in Asia, Australasia, Canada, China, India and throughout Europe. For many years they have worked closely with international agencies such as UNESCO and national governments and their agencies.

The team has a multi–disciplinary approach based on a systems philosophy. Its strengths lie in the core staff, the resources of the University and a network of associates and associated organisations with which it collaborates. The team has a wide range of skills and experience, incorporating economic, social and environmental aspects of tourism development taking place in different environments, urban, rural, coastal, maritime and protected areas worldwide.

Among our areas of interest are the challenges of reform and development in the countries of southern, central and eastern Europe, the development of tourism in rural and sensitive environments, wildlife and ecotourism, and the development of indicators for sustainable tourism.

Recent research has been funded by organisations such as the Regional Development Agencies in the UK and in Europe, the UK Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs, the British Council, the European Union through its research and development and training programmes, including Inco Copernicus, Framework LEADER, Phare and Tempus. The team also works closely with agencies such as UNESCO and university departments across the EU, in Asia and in Australia.

Current projects include work relating to climate change, the development of a Centre for Tourism and the Environment for the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan, the management of tourism in protected areas, contributing to a major study of wildlife tourism in Scotland and, in conjunction with the University of Nanjing, of the development of tourism along China’s Grand Canal.