Skills Crunch – improving access to talent

Digital businesses and educational leaders gathered together to discuss the challenges of recruiting, retaining and nuturing young talent in the local and regional creative industries.  The event was organised by Silicon South and funded by Digital Horizons. Digital Horizons is a non-profit initiative, funded by global financial services leader J.P. Morgan, and is  designed to help encourage the next generation of young talent into the blooming digital, tech and creative industries located in Dorset.

Dr John Oliver, represented the Advances in Media Management group and said “the focus of the evening was to address two key objectives. Firstly, how to raise student awareness, interest, and readiness to work in the local creative industries, and secondly, to consider the career development challenges of moving from being as recent graduate to  more senior level positions over time”.

The evening was a great success and demonstrated the vibrancy of the creative industries in the area.