National Trust – The social and economic impact of heritage and the natural environment

The Market Research Group (MRG) is an established market and social research team based at Bournemouth University with the aim of delivering high quality research and consultancy to clients. The main body of research conducted by MRG looks into the profile and attitudes of groups of visitors towards the National Trust.

The History

MRG’s relationship with the National Trust began in 1995 when the Wessex Regional Board of the National Trust approached them and asked them to create a Visitor Survey.

Early stages of the research were based at regional level and concentrated on visitors’ profile and attitude, as well as how positive inclinations towards conservation activity can be translated into a greater regard for the Trust’s houses and their collections. From 2001, research started on a national scale and MRG’s annual National Trust Visitor Survey was born.

The Present

The most recent phase of the research conducted by MRG considers the engagement and involvement of family visitors, local communities and staff on the production of sustainable food.

Continued Impact

The impact of MRG’s research is primarily economic as it enables the National Trust to increase its quality management, to strengthen its competitiveness and to improve its income and long-term sustainability by attracting more visitors. Moreover, the research has supported the interaction between the National Trust and its visitors, enabling them to express their needs and enhancing their satisfaction.

This body of research also has a direct social and environmental impact on the strategies of the National Trust, specifically influencing the policy and strategy of the organisation. It helped to make the marketing of the Trust more professional; based on research rather than assumptions.

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