Fusion Investment Project makes a real impact!

In 2012, BU’s Fusion Investment Fund awarded funds to study how media firms managed their businesses in  an environment characterised by the uncertainty and turbulence caused by rapidly shifting digital technologies and changing audience behaviours.

The project has now become an annual survey of UK media trends which has also generated a number of outputs including peer reviewed papers, conference papers, public engagement and knowledge transfer events. However, in a recent follow-up survey of UK media executives, 100% agreed that the annual Media Outlook Report was a ‘valuable resource’ which ‘benefitted them in their job’ (93%) and that the information had the ‘potential to influence company practices’ (67%).

Dr John Oliver, an Associate Professor of Media Management, is the author of the report and commented that “the research has gone from strength to strength and media executives have reported high levels of Instrumental Impact where new evidence based knowledge has directly influenced changes in organisational practice”.