Evaluation of the breastfeeding web pages at Healthtalkonline


It is estimated that more than 70,000 websites disseminate health information across the Internet. The last decade has seen explosive growth in online resources on maternity care issues, including breast-feeding. However, the quality of online information is quite variable. Healthtalkonline is one of the better quality sites providing an evidenced-based set of web pages on breastfeeding based on original research conducted at Bournemouth University. Since the module was launched in 2007 the number of visitors has risen steadily and at the time of the survey in late 2012-early 2013, the DIPEx webmaster reported: “…around 37,000 hits on our breastfeeding section each month, and around 1,500 individuals. The problem with clicks on web pages is that it suggests interest, but it does not constitute evidence of changing knowledge or behaviour.”


To ascertain the impact of the Healthtalkonline site on users of the breastfeeding webpages.


Web based statistics on visitor numbers and site usage;

Online questionnaire survey of web page users.

BU researchers

Edwin van Teijlingen

Vanora Hundley

Catherine Angell

International collaborators

Kath Ryan (LaTrobe University)


Angell C, van Teijlingen E, Hundley V, & Ryan K. (2015) Users of the healthtalk.org breastfeeding webpages; their characteristics and views. Evidence Based Midwifery 13(2): 54-58.