Emerge – Sound Environments

John Wynne in residence in the Atrium Art GalleryContingencies Exhibition of Sound Art – funded by the emerge research group. John Wynne was in residence in the Atrium Art Gallery to develop a new site-specific installation. Exhibition: 23 February – 13 March 2015

Bournemouth University’s EMERGE or Experimental Media Research Group  is looking into new and innovative developments in media arts and digital media. One particular research focus is on sound processing and sound-based media such as radio, music and audio.

Emerge’s research into Sound Environments focuses on the technical and aesthetical aspects of sound in all forms. Areas of interest in sound include developments in music, surround sound systems, digital radio and audio         technologies.

All the above have marked a series of pivotal changes in the environmental and technical landscape of media.

Emerge has established collaborations in the area of sound, such as the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast and CCRMA at Stanford University.

Key Staff Members

Dr. Tom Davis  Lecturer in Music and Audio Technology

Gary Hayton  Demonstrator

Jo Tyler  Lecturer & Programme Co-ordinator – Radio Production

Dr Alain Renaud Visiting Research Fellow

Rob Canning Associate Lecturer in Networked Media

Dr. Anna Troisi Lecturer in Digital Media Design