Emerge – Operation Integratus

Operation Integratus are a group of musicians, technologists, composers, instrument builders working within the Experimental Media Research Group (EMERGE) of Bournemouth University, UK.

Using augmented and experimental musical instruments and interfaces, networked scores, acoustic and data feedback loops and subversive bot interventions – performers, instruments, score and network all conspire to repress the individuals autonomy / ego from the context of the group. The ensemble’s new objective is to devise collaborative strategies within the complex mesh of agents that comprise the system, and together, attempt to redefine the nature of ensemble play.

  • CANNING Rob – Augmented Guitar, Live Electronics and Network Score Systems
  • CHIARAMONTE Antonino – Alto Flute, Live Electronics
  • DAVIS Tom – “Polysemous” assemblage of customised turntable, printer-driven wind chime & electromagnetic long string instrument
  • TROISI Anna – Movement, Kinect, Voice.