Emerge – Digital Media & Design

Bournemouth University’s EMERGE or Experimental Media Research Group marries the disciplines of new media platforms with design and innovation and often sees academics from both the Media School and the School of Design, Engineering and Computing working closely together.

Designing and shaping new forms of digital media requires technical and critical understanding of the emerging landscape of media and creative technologies. From ‘intelligent’ media running on computer based systems that can respond to input and to changes in environment of its user, spatial information to personal data, user feedback through direct or environmental interactions to the Open Data Movement and the social applications of the visualisation of data, GIS information and the development of new tools and software, our design researchers are examining many facets of design with digital media.

Researchers are working with a range of local government agencies, commercial partners such as Adobe as well as academic colleagues in other HE institutions such as UCL to explore the impact of a range of technologies, applications and software that extend the future of media platforms from playback to intelligent devices.

Key staff members