Emerge – Critical Media Practices

The Centre for Land Use Interpretation Wendover Artist Residence 2008-10. Funded by The Henry Moore Foundation, Bournemouth University and Centre for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI).

The researchers in this cluster have a long standing, shared interest in how artist led collective and collaborative practice shapes and delivers societal impact. The research is underpinned by in depth knowledge and experience of the historical and contemporary practice of critical and conceptual art, as well as political and tactical media, practices that have influenced current creative, cultural and political forms.

We develop research methodologies that draw on this body of practice; the feral knowledge of the activist, the conceptual framework of the artist, the craft of the designer and coder, to enhance broader knowledge and understanding of social, political, scientific, technological, military and industrial landscapes. This research activity is read and produced, sensed and enacted in the context of post-media discourse critically informed by references ranging from contemporary art, computing, geography, STS, philosophy, to political and critical theory.

We help our PGR students and researchers to achieve high quality scholarly research with evidence of impact and public engagement. We help them to develop and innovate new research methodologies or models, undertake documentation, organise and publish, scholarly non-text based research outputs (exhibitions, fieldwork, software, apps. media artefacts, performance, audio, installation etc), in addition to standard outputs in Journals and Books.

We are currently seeking applicants to work with leading research staff to undertake a PhD, including by Practice.

Key Staff Members:

Neal White Director of Emerge and Professor of Media Art

David Garcia. Professor of Digital Art and Tactical Media, Practitioner in Residence

Dr Stephen Bell  Senior Lecturer (Affiliate -VRG)

Dr Anna Troisi Lecturer in Digital Media Design