ADRC attend Poole Borough Council Providers Event 14 September 2017

Joanne Holmes recently presented a workshop highlighting the challenges of malnutrition and how to improve the Mealtime Experience for those living with dementia to domicillary and residential care providers at Poole Borough council.   During the workshop  participants engaged in lively discussion about why older people living in the community become malnourished, why health and social care professionals should be concerned and strategies that can be introduced to prevent and improve nutritional status.    Various activities were undertaken including tasting and smelling foods to highlight these barriers.  A number of freely available tools were highlighted to help train staff including: 

  • Workbook and training film developed by Joanne and Professor Jane Murphy entitled “Eating and Drinking Well: Supporting People Living with Dementia”
  •  AHSN Wessex OPEN malnutrition toolkit