National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work

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The National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work at Bournemouth University specialises in providing high quality education, continuing professional development (CPD) and training for professionals within Health and Social Care.

Post qualifying social work education is centred on a commitment, passion and dedication to develop professional practice, the enhancement of which is crucially focused on challenge and creative resolve, encompassing sound professional values, reasoning and judgement.

The department currently works in partnership with over one third of local authorities in England.  The flexible delivery model means we come to you to deliver education and training designed to make a positive contribution to practice.

By improving the quality of social work practice the Centre and its staff make a vital contribution to society and vulnerable people in particular.

To find out more visit the National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work website.


  • Professor Keith Brown
    Director of the National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work
  • Dr Lee-Ann Fenge
    Deputy Director of the Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work
  • Jenny Bigmore
    Programme Co-ordinator
  • Di Galpin
    Senior Lecturer – Social Work
  • Kate Howe
    Senior Lecturer – Social Work
  • Mike Lyne
    Senior Lecturer –  Mental Health Social Work
  • Dr Steven Keen
    Consultant Researcher
  • Jo Parker
    Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for MA Advanced Mental Health
  • Dr Lynne Rutter
    Programme Co-ordinator
  • Sarah Williams
    Senior Lecturer
  • Melanie Forsyth-Smith
    Lecturer and Course Leader
  • Emily Rosenorn-Lanng
    Research Assistant
  • Lucy Morrison
    Research Administrator
  • Alison Kazem Malaki
    Postgraduate Administrative Assistant
  • Abbie Rees
    Admin Support
  • Angela Rutter
    Administrative Assistant
  • Adam Streames
    Programmes Administrator
  • Janice Lear
    Programmes Administrator
  • Julie Barber
    Programmes Adminstrator
  • Sandra Adye
    Senior Programmes and Business Officer


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