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Previously Sustainable Design Research Centre (SDRC), now NanoCorr, Energy and Modelling Research Group and Tribology Design Research Group have been led by Dr Zulfiqar Khan (Associate Professor) as Director. SDRC received its REF14 Panel Feedback as, “Sustainable Design Research Group had the highest proportion of outputs judged to be internationally excellent”. He is current lead/champion of REF 2020 UoA 12


NanoCorr, Energy & Modelling (NCEM) Research Group

REF Unit of Assessment: 12

Staff: Associate Professor Zulfiqar Khan, Professor Kamran Tabeshfar, Professor Mark Hadfield, Dr Mihai Dupac, Dr Nigel Garland, Dr Mehran Koohgilani

Industrial Advisors/External Supervisors: Professor Keith Stokes: Defence Science & Technology Laboratory Ministry of Defence, Dr Vasilios Bakolas, Dr Wolfgang Braun: Schaeffler, Dr Abdul Ghafoor and Professor Nasir Ahmad: National University of Sciences & Technology, Mr Tony Camfield: Future Energy Source Ltd, Dr Sara Qaisar: National Centre for Physics Pakistan, Dr Khalid Alamgir: Institute of Space Technology Pakistan

Visiting Professors: Professor Chinnakurli S Ramesh

Visiting Fellows: Professor Keith Stokes and Professor Muhammad Farooq Wani

Multidisciplinary research in corrosion, corrosion condition monitoring, nano-coating incorporating corrosion and durability issues, failure analysis, fluid-thermodynamics, solid mechanics and mathematical modelling has been developed within this group through major industrial and International HEI funding.

Industrial partners include Future Energy Source Ltd (£132K and in-kind support  £200,000 lab staff over four years, £40,000 estates costs over four years & £20,000 lab equipment in solar-thermal simulation and thermodynamics expansion lab) [ZK PI], Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG (£24,000 and in-kind support of £36,000) [ZK PI], Defence Science & Technology Laboratory Ministry of Defence (£46,500) [ZK PI], National University of Sciences & Technology Pakistan (£67,000 and in-kind support in lab and analytical resources) [ZK PI], Wessex Institute of Technology (£20,000) [MH PI].

In-kind support is provided by National Centre of Physics and Institute of Space Technology Pakistan.

This area is supported by a pulse nano coating facilities, interferometer, mechanical and chemical characterisation, cathodic protection & environmental simulation and experimental tools.

Future Energy Source Ltd has provided off campus heat transfer and thermodynamics labs and on campus heat transfer bench testing and fluid characterisation labs are significant resources to support research in this area.

Research within this group is also receiving in-kind support from The Tank Museum, BAE Systems, NASA and Analatom.

Total Projects: 11 – Post Doc = 2, PhD = 9

PGRs: 9 x PhD – Hammad Nazir, Rizwan Bajwa, Vivek Chacko, Utku Helvaci, Zakir Khan, Bruce Wen & 3 PhDs start in Jan 2016 (Jawwad Latif, Shane Fatima, Shoaib Ansari)

Post Docs: 2 – Dr Adil Saeed, 1 x Post Doc to start in Feb 2016 (Hammad Nazir)


  1. Polarisation and Coating Data research (Post Doc – Dr Adil Saeed)
  2. In-situ corrosion health monitoring and prediction in military vehicles (PhD – Mian Hammad Nazir)
  3. Ulterius Corrosion Health Monitoring (UCHM) using Wireless Sensor Technologies (PhD – Jawwad Latif)
  4. Development and modelling of novel Thermofluids (Post Doc – Mian Hammed Nazir, starts in Feb 2016)
  5. Energy Recovery at Thermodynamic Expansion and Thermal Boosting Through Convection in Flat Plate Solar Thermal Systems (PhD – Zakir Khan)
  6. Experimental investigation and mathematical modelling of dynamic equilibrium of novel thermo fluids for renewable technology applications (PhD – Helvaci Huseyin Utku)
  7. Research and development in novel alternative renewable energy technology (PhD – Bruce Wen)
  8. Dynamic modelling of complex interacting systems deployed in harsh operating conditions (PhD – Vivek Chacko)
  9. Development of thermally activated self-lubricated ceramic-based polymeric Nano composite coatings for enhanced performance in conventional lubricants under sliding contact (PhD – starts in early 2016)
  10. Developing Thin Film Nano-Composite Coatings for Advanced Industrial Applications (PhD – Shoaib Ansari, starts in early 2016)
  11. Electroplated composite coatings with incorporated nano particles for tribological systems with the focus on water lubrication (PhD – Rizwan Bajwa)


Tribology Design (TD) Research Group

REF Unit of Assessment: 12

Staff: Professor Mark Hadfield, Associate Professor Zulfiqar Khan, Dr Mihai Dupac

Visiting Professor: Professor Rehan Ahmed

Visiting Fellows: Dr Jose Luis Viesca Rodriguez, Dr Antolin Hernandez Battez and Dr Ruben Gonzalez Rodriguez

This group focuses on Tribology Design with a significant successfully completed portfolio of industrially funded PhDs and Post Docs to date. The existing research within group is funded [MH PI] by a major industrial partner SKF (£79,800) and Dido industrial bearing limited (30,000).

Research within this group is supported by surface analyses tools, mechanical characterisation and tribo-testing facilities.

Total Projects: 2, Post Doc = 1, PhD = 1

Post Doc: 1 x Post Doc to start in Jan 2016

PGRs: 1 x PhD – starts in Jan 2016


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International Partners

We have established longstanding collaborative links with several academic institutions some of the key collaborators are

  1. Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology (MoU has been signed)
  2. National University of Science & Technology (match funded studentships)
  3. PES University (MoU has been singed)


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