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CsJCC Logo FinalThe Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community brings together the Journalism Research Group and the Narrative Research Group, both based in the Media School at Bournemouth University. The Centre is also home to the interdisciplinary Civic Media hub, and NewsLab where we fuse staff research with student talent to help reshape the news industry.

Researchers affiliated to the Centre represent a diverse array of interests and expertise, spanning the fields of journalism, narrative, media and cultural theory.

Several collaborative projects – both internal and external – involve colleagues and research students in the pursuit of topics that effectively blend academic and professional concerns.

The Centre provides an organisational structure for these activities, including funding bids, publications, seminars, workshops, and conferences.

It also aims to ensure that the development of research proceeds in a strategically informed way, providing support for individual researchers and encouraging new initiatives.

The Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community was launched in 2009, originally as the Centre for Journalism and Communication Research, before adopting its new title in 2014. Its founding Director was Professor Stuart Allan (2009-2014), and the current Director is Associate Professor Bronwen Thomas.


The Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community also publishes research, reports and working papers.

The most recent publication is US Election Analysis 2016: Media, Voters and the Campaign, edited by Darren Lilleker, Einar Thorsen, Daniel Jackson and Anastasia Veneti. Previously we have published EU Referendum Analysis 2016: Media, Voters and the Campaign, edited by Daniel Jackson, Einar Thorsen (both BU) and Dominic Wring (Loughborough University), UK Election Analysis 2015: Media, Voters and the Campaign, edited by Daniel Jackson and Einar Thorsen,  India Election 2014: First Reflections, edited by Einar Thorsen and Chindu Sreedharan, and  Journalism: New Challenges, edited by Karen Fowler-Watt and Stuart Allan.

us-election-analysis-2016-cover-image-small EU-Referendum-Analysis-2016-cover_small-1 UK Election Analysis 2015 India Election 2014 cover Journalism New Challenges cover

Research areas

The Centre currently has research strengths in the areas of digital/online cultures and communities and the increasing opportunities for participation that these present. Both research groups hold regular research seminars and the Centre has hosted a number of workshops and symposia, attracting international speakers and audiences.

Narrative Research Group Journalism Research Group
  • Digital narratives
  • Non-fiction and real-life narratives
  • Screenwriting
  • Adaptation and transmedia storytelling
  • Narratives of nation and empire
  • Comics/sequential art
  • Book history and publishing
  • Readers and Audiences
  • Fans and Online Communities
  • Children’s narratives
  • Online news
  • Digital convergence
  • News and globalization
  • Media policy, especially the BBC
  • Citizen journalism
  • Science news
  • News reporting of crisis, conflict and war
  • Videojournalism
  • Young people and the media

Recent funded projects include:

  • Digital Reading International Research Network. Supported by funding from the AHRC (www.digitalreadingnetwork.com)
  • Access Dorset. Supported by BU Fusion Funding (http://www.accessdorsetcentre.org/)
  • ‘The Mediation Of The 3.11 Disaster And Its Consequences’. Supported by funding from the Japan Foundation Endowment Committee. The project started on July 1st 2014 and will last until September 1st 2015, and is carried out by Dr Jamie Matthews.

The research groups welcome proposals from prospective PhD students in any of the above areas or generally within the fields of journalism, culture and community. For further information or to make an application, please contact our research administrator Jan Lewis.

Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture and Community

  • Dr Bronwen Thomas
    Director of the Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture & Community
  • Dr Einar Thorsen
    Associate Director of the Centre for the Study of Journalism, Culture & Community

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