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Have you ever wondered why someone may buy one product over another? Or what influences them to make certain consumption choices?  Maybe you have pondered why someone would always buy the same brand? Or what process they go through to make a consumption choice?

Consumer Behaviour is a vitally important area for businesses to appreciate, with an understanding of it being behind the success of numerous leading companies and the development of many new products/services.  The study of consumer behaviour is relevant to both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) markets as it enables insight into the psyche of the consumer, the variety of factors that influence decision-making, the processes they go through to make decisions, and how they may respond to a market offering or message.

Given the importance of this topic, the central focus of the Influences on Consumer Behaviour (ICB) cluster is the consumer, with all aspects of its research being interwoven with, and underpinned by, consumer behaviour theories.  Consumer Behaviour is grounded in a number of areas including psychology, marketing, economics and the media, hence themes of enquiry within the ICB cluster include decision-making, attitudes, motivations and other psychological factors such as emotions and identity, as well as influences upon behaviour and consumption activities, for instance culture, branding and technology.

The ICB cluster has a strong publication record, with members’ research being found in internationally renowned journals including the Journal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Tourism Management, Non-profit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly and the Journal of Consumer Behaviour.   Additionally members of the cluster have a successful track record in raising research income, and have been involved in a number of projects including those related to local food and drink, seafood branding, the psychology of giving, mobile technology and financial services.

This experiential knowledge is being employed to develop new research applications by teams within the cluster.  In addition, to develop the ICB cluster further, PhD studies are being undertaken looking at contemporary areas of interest around mobile technology, sustainable fishing, digital media and online marketing.  Cluster members may be open to consider applications from candidates for doctoral and other research degrees that are aligned with their research interests.

Recent publications

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