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Emerge is the Experimental Media Research Centre.

As creative, practice-led researchers, the centre share critical concerns in relation to experimental media practices. We have grown significantly since 2010, and our experience draws on REF outputs at National and International level in contemporary and critical art practice, media and digital arts, spatial interaction, documentary video and networked audio.

These research outputs have been exhibited Internationally, including; Apexart (USA), Natural History Museum (UK), Laboral (ES), Casino Foundation (LUX), Centre for Land Use Interpretation (USA), Barbican Gallery (UK), V&A (UK), ZKM (DE), Watershed (UK), FACT (UK), John Hansard Gallery (UK),  and The Henry Moore Institute (UK). Research has been included in publications from MIT, Royal Academy, Centre Pompidou and research papers produced for SIGGRAPH, Tate and other leading International institutions

Our aim is to develop research that will impact on creativity and culture, engaging the public, developing social initiatives and pushing boundaries in critical & cultural fields of media production. We are particularly interested in developing interdisciplinary research projects, bring expertise in communications and cultural practices to the production of knowledge. As a cross-School multidisciplinary research group, we are also helped to initiate the Colab, a new resource for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research activity.

The Experimental Media Research Group is led by Anna Troisi, Senior Lecturer, Digital Media Design for the Media School and Dr. Tom Davis for the School of Design, Engineering, and Technology. Staff from these research groups are working as supervisors with AHRC and ESPRC funded studentships, including the Industrial Doctorate Centre (Centre for Digital Entertainment) and The Arts Catalyst, London. We welcome PhD applications in related areas, and can advise on funding opportunities.

Events organised by EMERGE:

Workshops open to staff, BA and MA students:


  • 24th of November 2016 COLAB : Analema Group Workshop

How do the worlds of sound and vision collide? – Sound and Vision – KIMA

Presenters: Oliver Gingrich and Sean Soraghan

  • 2nd of December 2016, W216 (all day 9am to 5pm) Enrico Bertelli’s Workshop

Tangible computing,  open source, object based coding…and music

  • 8th of December 2016 COLAB : Alain Renaud’s Workshop – Sound and Vision – Mintlab

Previous recent:

  • 9th November 2016, 18.00, Allsebrook Lecture Theatre, Talbot Campus: EMERGE has a new orchestra called “BU’s loudspeaker orchestra”. Its first concert was supported by the Faculty of Science & Technology and the EMERGE Research Group.
  • April 2016 :Two cross-departmental workshops organised in the on self-presentation online (visiting speaker: Dr. Gauti Sigthorsson, University of Greenwich).

EMERGE recently funded two residencies in the Colab:

  • Enrico Bertelli, Conductive Music CIC, The Culture Capital Exchange. (July 2016)
  • Oliver Gingrich, Alain Renoir, Analema Group. (July 2016)

Events open to the MS staff in the Colab:

  • Richard Wright’s “How to Judge a Book by its Cover: Art and Data Visualisation at the British Library”
  • Rob La Frenais (Research Fellow EMERGE) Becoming Aerosolar – Space Without Rockets and other transformative practices by artists


Established in 2011 by Emerge – Centre for Experimental Media Research and the Visual Research Group, Colab aimed to provide a working and meeting space for media artists, digital designers, computer animators and creative technology researchers engaged in research leading to new knowledge and enhanced understanding.

Moving to a new location IMG_2232in 2015, the Colab is changing its role and function in order to embrace a broader public engagement with this growing body of important experimental and visual research practices. In this respect, our aim is to highlight the value of creative research culture now engaging in a range of academic disciplines beyond its own, including science, technology, politics and the humanities.

To this end, we are working towards building;

  1. A space for celebrating scholarly practice within the creative research process.
  2. A place for engagement with critical ideas as explored through creative practice as research.
  3. A lively node within an International network of art and cultural research labs.

Recent activities promoted by the Colab

  • HCI Interactions Gallery, Bournemouth University http://hci2016.bcs.org/ (11-15 July 2016). Arranged for Stephen Bell to use co-lab for interactive performance during HCI.
  • Developed the Paisley Pearls Loom in the co-lab as part of UWS Digital Art Commission. Exhibited at Edinburgh Arts Festival (28 July – 28 August 2016)
  • Developed AfterGlow in the co-lab a Silent Signal commission silentsignal.org. Exhibited at:
    • Welcome Genome Campus, Hinxton (13 May-25 Sept 2016);
    • VIS Vienna Independent Shorts Festival (26-31 May 2016);
    • Central St Martins London (16 June 2016);
    • Glasgow Science Festival (19 June 2016);
    • Einstein’s Garden, Glanisk Park Brecon (21 Aug 2016);
    • Wellcome Collection London (10 Sept 2016) and LifeSpace Dundee (29 Sept-26 Nov 2016).
    • AfterGlow got the Lumen Prize http://lumenprize.com/. The artwork will be exhibited on Lumen’s Global tour going to NY, London & Shanghai in 2016-17.
  • Developed Dark Storm Phials film on the VRG mac in the co-lab for Festival of Endless Gratitude, Copenhagen http://foeg.dk/ (15-17 Sept 2016)


Our researchers work with world leading media production facilities in specialist professional digital production environments and advanced technical environments developed for research and teaching purposes in the Media School (MS) and School of Design, Engineering and Computing (DEC).

Ongoing projects

  • Test Sites (With Arts Catalyst (London), SPUD group (Sway) and Prof. Neal White (University of Westminster)
  • The HyperSensor (Office of Experiments; Neal White, Rob Smith and Anna Troisi)
  • BLAST (fusion funded project by Vicky Isley, Paul Smith, Colab, supported by Neal White)
  • Operation Integratus (Rob Canning, Tom Davis, Antonino Chiaramonte, Anna Troisi)
  • Keen-skin (Anna Troisi, Colab)
  • Contingencies Programme (by Tom Davis, Ambrose Seddon and Bill Thompson, funded by EMERGE research group)

Recent Research Outputs (cross-departmental research)


Seddon, A., 2016. Expanding the horizon of electroacoustic music analysis. In: Emmerson, S. and Landy, L., eds. Expanding the horizon of electroacoustic music analysis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 231-246.

Conferences and Public Events

  • Davis,T Resistive Intentionality: Examining the instrumental interface, At Sonorities 2016 Symposium, SARC, Belfast, Nov 2016
  • Davis, T. & Stapleton, P. Ambiguous Devices: improvisation, agency, dialogue and touch in technologically-mediated performance, at the Symposium on Interagency in Technologically Mediated-Performance Jan 2016.
  • Troisi, A., 2016. Love, women and the digital. In: Future Fest by Nesta16-17 September 2016 Tobacco Dock, London.
  • Troisi, A., 2016. OB-scene, and audio/video performance for photoplethysmograph and female body. In: DRHA 2016: Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts3-6 September 2016 University of Brighton.
  • Troisi, A., 2016. Xenofeminism, gender fluidity and cyber art . In: Transmediale/Conversation piece3-7 February 2016 Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.
  • Troisi, A., White, N. and Smith, R.. Tuning the Hyperdrone. DRHA 2016: Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts. University of Brighton. 3-30 September 2016.


  • Davis, T., Troisi, A., Seddon, A., Thompson, B., Canning, R. and Chiaramonte, A.. NonRecursive. Performance. Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe: The Engine Room. 15 October 2015.
  • Seddon, A. Fleeting Strands. Stereo acousmatic sound, fixed media. INTIME 2015 – Landscapes And Environments: Experimentation And Transformation In Sound And Music. 24 October 2015.
  • Troisi, A.OB-scene, and audio/video performance for photoplethysmograph and female body. performance. CFP The Politics of Performance and Play. Feminist Matters, Institute for Philosophy, Leiden University, Leiden, the Netherlands. 7-8 July 2016.
  • Davis, T., Troisi, A., Seddon, A., Canning, R., Thompson, B., Chiaramonte, A. and Borgo, D.. NonRecursive @ Symposium on Interagency in Technologically-Mediated Performance. Performance. Bournemouth University. 29 January 2016.
  • August 8th 2016 – Supermarket Symphony a composed feature by Nina Perry – repeat broadcast on BBC Radio 4 extra
  • Seddon, A. The Nowness of Everything. Stereo acousmatic sound, fixed media. Dudley House, Bendigo, Australia. 2-4 September 2016.

Activities towards new outputs

  • Composition residency, Elektronmusik Studion, Stockholm, Sweden. 25–31 July 2016.
  • Davis, Attendance at Innovation En Facture Instrumentiale. IRCAM, Paris. 18th June 2016
  • Tour of Brownsea Island for Test Sites with Arts Catalyst for an on-going project on Test Sites. Will follow a new meeting in January at Arts Catalyst space in London. Researchers involved: Anna Troisi (EMERGE), Vicky Isleu, Paul Smith (VRG) Mark Drury, Nicola Triscott, Claudia Lastra (ARTS CATALYST), Neal White (Westminster University).
  • 25th November – ‘Knickerbocker Glory’ a composed feature by Nina Perry will be broadcast on Creative Audio Network  – ‘Soundproof’ (art for the ears) ABC radio National (Australia) http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/soundproof/
  • 25th November – ‘All the leaves’ a documentary by Sally Hership on BBC Radio 4 – music co-composed by Nina Perry
  • Ongoing throughout November ‘Tommies’ BBC Radio 4s realtime WW1 drama – music composed by Nina Perry http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04l902x

Previous Selected Outputs

  • Seddon, A., 2015. Higher-level relationships in Dhomont’s Novars. Musimédiane, 8.
  • Sudbury, S., 2015. Village Tales: an exploration of the potential of participatory documentary filmmaking in rural India. PhD Thesis. Bournemouth University, Faculty of Media and Communication.
  • White, N. 2014. ‘Papers from the Henry Moore Institute’. Whitechapel Gallery, London.
  • Troisi, A. and Chiaramonte, A., 2014. Sounding sculptures for the augmentation of musical experience in live electroacoustic music. In: Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology – CIM14 4-6 December 2014 National Institute for Music Research, Berlin, Germany.
  • Canning, R., 2014. Interactive Parallax Scrolling Score Interface for Composed Networked Improvisation.Proceedings of the Internation Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 144-146.
  • Lynch, G., 2014. Remote Encounters: a report about networking practitioners. Digicult.it.
  • Smith, P., Isley, V. and boredomresearch, 2012. In Homage of Change. In: Anderson, D., Delve, J., Dobreva, M., Konstantelos, L., Billenness, C. and Baker, D., eds. The Preservation of Complex Objects (Volume 2): Software Art. London: JISC, 53-60.
  • Davis, T., 2012. Complexity as Practice: A Reflection on the Creative Outcomes of a Sustained Engagement with Complexity. Leonardo, 45 (2), 106-112.

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