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Emerge is the Experimental Media Research Centre.

As creative, practice-led researchers, the centre share critical concerns in relation to experimental media practices. We have grown significantly since 2010, and our experience draws on REF outputs at National and International level in contemporary and critical art practice, media and digital arts, spatial interaction, documentary video and networked audio.

These research outputs have been exhibited Internationally, including; Apexart (USA), Natural History Museum (UK), Laboral (ES), Casino Foundation (LUX), Centre for Land Use Interpretation (USA), Barbican Gallery (UK), V&A (UK), ZKM (DE), Watershed (UK), FACT (UK), John Hansard Gallery (UK),  and The Henry Moore Institute (UK). Research has been included in publications from MIT, Royal Academy, Centre Pompidou and research papers produced for SIGGRAPH, Tate and other leading International institutions

Our aim is to develop research that will impact on creativity and culture, engaging the public, developing social initiatives and pushing boundaries in critical & cultural fields of media production. We are particularly interested in developing interdisciplinary research projects, bring expertise in communications and cultural practices to the production of knowledge. As a cross-School multidisciplinary research group, we are also helped to initiate the Colab, a new resource for Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research activity.

The Experimental Media Research Group is led by Anna Troisi and Dr. Tom Davis for the School of Design, Engineering, and Technology. Staff from these research groups are working as supervisors with AHRC and ESPRC funded studentships, including the Industrial Doctorate Centre (Centre for Digital Entertainment) and The Arts Catalyst, London.

We welcome PhD applications in related areas, and can advise on funding opportunities.

Celebrating recent awards and successful grants

  • The project CoaAst which has received a ARHC/CGFR grant offer (Anna Troisi PI, Paula Callus, Gauti Sigthorsson CoIs)


  • In December 2017 Nina Perry was awarded a PhD by Publication entitled: Music, Narrative, Voice and Presence – revealing a composed feature methodology.
  • Seddon, A. 2018. Traces of Play. Finalist in Métamorphoses Competition of Acoustic Composition 2018, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Seddon, A. 2018. Traces of Play. Selected by the British Electroacoustic Network (BEAN) to represent the United Kingdom at the International Confederation on Electroacoustic Music, Beijing, China.
  • Seddon, A. 2018. Traces of Play. 2nd prize in Destellos International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual Music, Argentina.

Recent collaborations with Creative Industries and Cultural Institutions

  • Nina Perry has been working on two commissions from BBC Radio this year:  For BBC Radio 4 a30-minute radiophonic feature entitled ”. This is a collaboration with the writer and presenter FionaTalkington which explores the musicality and sonic landscape of Virginia Woolf’s world, and featured Tamsin Greig as Virginia Woolf. The programme aired on June 21st 2018 and was repeated on 29th September 2018. Nina and Fiona presented a panel on the making of the programme at the International Woolf Conference at Kent University.
  • Nina has also received a commission from BBC Radio 3 for a radiophonic poem entitled ‘The Milk Way’.  This is a collaboration with the Welsh Poet Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch (Poetry Fellow – University of Wales/University of Oxford) The piece is due to air on 24th November 2018.
  • In February this year Gary Hayton did the sound design for a Perfectly Normal production for BBCRadio 4, LOW, about the making of David Bowie’s album LOW (Broadcast on 7th July 2018).
  • In May Gary also did dialogue and Foley editing for the Audible audio drama release of TerryPratchett’s Unseen Academicals (Released in July 2018).
  • In August Gary was the sound design for another Perfectly Normal production for BBC Radio 4, We’re Backing Britain, an Ealing style comedy about the We’re Backing Britain campaign in the late 1960’s (Broadcast 25th September 2018).


  • ART IN FLUX, 31.5. – 1.6. 2018 Ugly Duck, Exhibition on State of Media Arts in the UK with 14 Artists, 30 Talks, 6Performances and 1 Workshop http://www.fluxevents.co.uk/art-in-flux.html
  • AYAH – Sign 28.6. – 1.7. 2018, Workshop and Exhibition with the Communities affected by the Grenfell Tragedy fluxevents.co.uk/ayah
  • Within the BU Experimental Music concert series:

November 2017. Concert of music for cello and electronics featuring Dr Alice Eldridge and Dr Chris Kiefer (University of Sussex), Dr Thomas Gardner (University of the Arts, London), and Dr Tom Davis (Bournemouth University) and Laura Reid.

February 2018. Concert of electroacoustic music from BEAST (Birmingham Electroacoustic Sound Theatre, University of Birmingham) featuring guest composer Dr Annie Mahtani (diffusion) and further works by Dr James Carpenter and BEAST researcher Nikki Sheth.

May 2018. Concert of electroacoustic music featuring works by students on the BSc Music and Sound Production Technology, Bournemouth University.

Four concerts have been scheduled for 2018–19 with guest researchers/performers including Dr Owen Green (University of Huddersfield), Dr Úna Monaghan (University of Cambridge), and Prof. David Berezan (University of Manchester).

  • FLUX: Transcendence 26.3.2018 with artists Jasmine Pradissitto, Sara Choudhrey, Sean Rogg (Waldorf Project), Tinderdust and BlackMoon1348, The Library Club, London http://www.fluxevents.co.uk/transcendence.html
  • FLUX: Post- / Human with artists Anna Troisi, Mark Farid, Kristina Pulejkova and Rachael Nee http://www.fluxevents.co.uk/post-human.html
  • FLUX: Communities: With Fiona Hawthorne OBE, Lisa Nash, Sara Choudhrey and Anastastia Dedyukhina 29. 6.2018 as part of  AYAH – Sign 28.6. – 1.7. 2018, Workshop and Exhibition with the Communities affected by the Grenfell Tragedy fluxevents.co.uk/ayah

Recent Publications

  • Garcia, D., 2018. The Revenge of Folk Politics | transmediale [online]. Transmediale.de. Available from: https://transmediale.de/content/the-revenge-of-the-folk-politics.
  • Troisi A., 2018. OB-scene, a live audio/visual performance for photoplethysmograph and female body, Accepted by “Organised Sound”, special issue: Sound and Kinetics: performance, artistic aims , and techniques in electroacoustic music and sound art. Cambridge University Press
  • Perry, N. and Talkington, F., 2018 Virginia Woolf – Impossible Music BBC Radio 4 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b6pd32
  • Davis, T. 2019 to appear. Instrumental Intentionality: An exploration of mediated intentionality in musical improvisation. Accepted for publication in International Journal of Performance and Digital Media. Taylor and Francis.
  • Seddon, A. 2018. Traces of Play. On CIME AGM DVD.
  • Seddon, A. 2018. Traces of Play. On Métamorphoses Composition Competition CD.
  • Gingrich O, Renaud A, Emets E, Soraghan S: “KIMA: The Wheel – Turning Sound into Vision.”  Leonardo Journal (MIT Press) 2018 (Just Accepted)
  • Gingrich O, Stansfeld S, Renaud A, Emets E: “KIMA: Noise: An immersive installation to represent the impact of noise in urban areas. EVA London Proceedings 2018.

Composition (executed to a public audience)

  • Concert series: Organised by Ambrose Seddon. Funded by Creative Tech Department.
  • 1st Nov 2017. Concert of Music for Cello and Electronics. Featuring Gemmeleg by Laura Reid for Tom Davis’ Feral Cello instrument. Lypsync by Thomas Gardiner, LCC. Feedback Cellos performed by Alice Elridge and Chris Keifer, University of Sussex.
  • 28th Feb 2018 Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert at BU. Annie Mahtani presented and diffused three of her own multi-channel compositions (Inversions; Past Links; Aeolian) along with works by fellow BEAST composers James Carpenter (Pent-Up) and Nikki Sheth (Orford Ness). Ambrose Seddon diffused his recent multi-channel electroacoustic work Traces of Play while Panos Amelidis (EMERGE; Creative Technology and pictured sound-checking) diffused two compositions: Bird Train and Cracks.
  • 2nd May 2018. Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert at BU.This concert featured a range of electroacoustic music including work from undergraduate students, postgraduate researchers and staff at BU. The concert was a great opportunity for students, researchers and staff to collaborate on and co-create a live music event, and to present their music in a professional context.
  • Seddon, A. 2018 (28th February). Traces of Play [Electroacoustic music performance]. Bournemouth University Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert, Bournemouth, UK.
  • Seddon, A. 2018 (2nd May). 10_35_70 [Electroacoustic music performance]. Bournemouth University Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert, Bournemouth, UK.
  • Seddon, A. 2018 (21st July). Traces of Play [Electroacoustic music performance]. New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCMEF), Abrons Arts Centre, New York, USA.
  • Seddon, A. 2018 (3rd July). Traces of Play [Electroacoustic music performance]. Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC), Limassol, Cyprus.
  • Seddon, A. 2018 (24th October). Traces of Play [Electroacoustic music performance]. Espace du Son Festival, Theatre Marni, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Seddon, A. 2018 (25th October). Traces of Play [Electroacoustic music performance]. International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music concert, Musicacoustica, Beijing, China.

Digital Installations

  • Troisi, A., 2018 “Norm Contaminated” (soundscape), exhibition BROWNSEA: AN IMAGINARY ISLAND (AN ISLAND OF THE IMAGINARY) 22/03/2018 to 12/05/2018, Arts Catalyst, 74-76 Cromer Street, King’s Cross, London. https://www.artscatalyst.org/brownsea-imaginary-island-island-imaginary
  • Oliver Gingrich, Open Studio Maxilla Space, W10 6NQ London, 20.-22.10.2017
  • https://www.acava.org/exhibitions/exhibition/acava-open-studios-2017
  • Oliver Gingrich, Art Squat, Chelsea School of Art 07.12.2017
  • Oliver Gingrich, FLUX: Illusions, Dalston Boys Club London, 14.12.2017
  • http://www.fluxevents.co.uk/illusions.html
  • Oliver Gingrich, LACDA, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, 12.12.2017-19.12.2017
  • https://olivergingrich.com/2017/12/23/android-mythologies-c-232-at-lacda/
  • Oliver Gingrich, FOCUS INSIDE, 17.4. – 22.4. 2018  https://www.focus-inside.com/
  • Honourable mention for the piece Aura – with Analema Group
  • Oliver Gingrich, ART IN FLUX, 31.5. – 1.6. 2018 Ugly Duck, Exhibition on State of Media Arts in the UK with 14 Artists, 30 Talks, 6 Performances and 1 Workshop
  • http://www.fluxevents.co.uk/art-in-flux.html
  • Panos Amelidis had the sound installation “The sounding temple” commissioned by Onassis Cultural Centre (GR) and presented in Tuned City international event. The Sounding Temple is an artistic inquiry on the creation of a sound installation and storytelling device, based on the architecture of an Ancient Greek temple. Ancient Messina’s soundscape has been recorded, reshaped and reinvented together with the voices of the inhabitants telling stories of every-day life. The Sounding Temple is an attempt to connect the past with the present, the “then” with the “now”, the ancient with the contemporary. This was exhibited first week of June 2018 at Tuned City (Messene, Greece), an international event and artistic research project, which is at its fourth edition.
  • KIMA: The Voice at ART IN FLUX (exhibition and performance) ART IN FLUX, 31.05. – 01.06. 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53RgjP_GJ6Y
  • KIMA: The Voice at Digital Catapult, 20.06. 2018 https://allevents.in/london/kima-at-digital-catapult-london-cde-showcase/20009552025118
  • KIMA: The Voice at By Other Means Gallery 08.06. – 17. 06. 18
  • https://www.byothermeans.co.uk/analema-group
  • Aura at V&A Digital Futures  09.07.18-12.07.18
  • https://www.vam.ac.uk/event/EY8Od6nw/digital-futures-eva-london-2018

Funded Activities

Sonification of Tipping Points is a collaborative project involving Prof Adrian Newton (Department of Life and Environmental Sciences) and Dr Ambrose Seddon (EMERGE). This project focuses on research being conducted in the RCUK (NERC)-funded TPAL project (Tipping Points in lowland Agricultural Landscapes). TPAL is examining the occurrence of tipping points in ecosystems, and the potential impacts on human society, by focusing on Dorset as a study area. In Sonification of Tipping Points we are creating an interactive sound installation to raise awareness of human impacts on the environment, and increase understanding of tipping point phenomena. Specifically, the installation will demonstrate how small human movements or actions can lead to major outcomes, through the positive feedback processes that underpin tipping points. Sonification of Tipping Points is supported ed by BU’s Arts and Sciences Collaborations fund, with gallery events scheduled for Spring 2019.

Some of the Future plans

David Garcia is working on his future publication: Chapter in the book The Magnetic Image to be published by Jap Sam Books: https://www.japsambooks.nl

Following on from her PhD Nina has been exploring the creative process, embodied cognition/knowledge and music composition in relation to movement and voice work. She has been exploring the composer’s voice and co-composing in collaborative music practice, and is currently working on a series of songs that have arisen from these explorations.

Naciketa is a collaborative work developing VR animation and sound for opera performance with Emeritus Prof. Nigel Osborne (University of Edinburgh), Ambrose Seddon (EMERGE) and Susan Sloane (VRG). Recent work includes a networking trip to visit Sri Aurobindo Society, Puducherry, India. Meetings were held with potential project partners at Sri Aurobindo Society and SVARAM Musical Instruments and Research, and audio and visual data were gathered as source material for initial concept development. Project and bid partners are currently being approached, including iDat, University of Plymouth, and Centre for Music and Audio Technology (CMAT), University of Kent. Performances are scheduled for Spring 2020.

EMERGE has supported active interconnections in between research practice and education, promoting platforms for undergraduate graduate and research students for exhibiting their work on campus during events open to the public. For example Luca Casini (Erasmus+ funded project) supervised by Anna Troisi worked on a research project in collaboration with Natural England, and with Prof. Adrian Newton (Professor and Director Conservation Ecology, Department of Life & Environmental Science at Bournemouth University)  and Dr Stephen Watson (Centre for Ecology, Environment and Sustainability, Faculty of Science and Technology, member of the Poole Harbour Study Group) to an artistic project on public engagement on the topic of “human impacts on the environment, with a particular focus on biodiversity loss and its consequences”.


Established in 2011 by Emerge – Centre for Experimental Media Research and the Visual Research Group, Colab aimed to provide a working and meeting space for media artists, digital designers, computer animators and creative technology researchers engaged in research leading to new knowledge and enhanced understanding.

Moving to a new location IMG_2232in 2015, the Colab is changing its role and function in order to embrace a broader public engagement with this growing body of important experimental and visual research practices. In this respect, our aim is to highlight the value of creative research culture now engaging in a range of academic disciplines beyond its own, including science, technology, politics and the humanities.

The Colab as a physical space does not exist anymore but it represents a virtual cross-faculty hub for interdisciplinarity at Bournemouth University.

To this end, we are working towards building;

  1. A space for celebrating scholarly practice within the creative research process.
  2. A place for engagement with critical ideas as explored through creative practice as research.
  3. A lively node within an International network of art and cultural research labs.

Research Areas


Dr Anna Troisi, Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Design (MS)
Director of Emerge (Faculty of Media and Communication)

Dr Tom Davis, Lecturer in Music & Audio Technology
Director of Emerge (Faculty of Science and Technology)

Prof David Garcia, Professor of Digital Arts & Media Activism (MS) Deputy Director of Emerge (Faculty of Media and Communication)

Dr Ambrose SeddonLecturer in Music and Audio Technology (SciTech) Deputy Director of Emerge (Faculty of Science and Technology)


Panos AmelidisLecturer (Academic) in Music & Audio Technology

Liam Birtles, Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Design

Stephen Deutsch, professor of post-production

Oliver Gingrich, Visiting Research Fellow

Gary Hayton, demonstrator

Orestis Karamanlis, Visiting Research Fellow

Rob La Frenais, Visiting Research Fellow

Mik ParsonsSenior Lecturer in Digital Media Design 

Simon PerkinsSenior Lecturer in Digital Media Design

Nina Perry, Lecturer in Audio Production (MS)

Dr Alain Renaud, Visiting Research Fellow

Jo TylerLecturer & Programme Co-ordinator in Radio Production (MS)

Liam BirtlesSenior Lecturer in Digital Media Design (MS)

Simon Perkins, Programme Leader in Digital Media Design (MS)

Ambrose Seddon, Lecturer in Music and Audio Technology

Neal WhiteVisiting Research Fellow and co-funder of EMERGE



Vicky Isley Research Lecturer in Computer Animation (MS)

Paul Smith Research Lecturer in Computer Animation/Com (MS)

Dr. Stephen BellSenior Lecturer (Affiliate – Visual Research Group – MS)

Susan Sloan, Senior Lecturer (Affiliate – Visual Research Group – MS)


PGR students:

Ifigeneia Mavridou (PhD student CDE)

Dennis Braunsdorff

Antonino Chiaramonte

Arnold Marinissen

Micah Hrehovcsik


Latest news from Emerge:

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