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The Design & Engineering Research Centre comprises a team of world-class academics and researchers who are contributing to the development of new knowledge, tools and technologies that positively impact on the environment and society around us.

The research centre applies its research to a wide range of fields under the umbrella of design and engineering but its current themes include:

  • Biomedical Engineering: The design and development of technology that will improve quality of life including prosthetic limbs, prosthetic implants biomechanical movement analysis and gait analysis.
  • Creative Design: Development of aesthetic design concepts, methods, strategies and tools (embodying colour, texture, shape and form) for any creative design field or industry.
  • Design & Engineering Education: The improved understanding of the teaching and learning of undergraduate and postgraduate designers and engineers.
  • Materials Science & Testing: The development of new materials as well as the enhancement and characterization of the properties of existing materials.  This theme covers all classes of materials and studies their life cycle from mining, production, processing and finally the disposal and recycling.
  • Mechanical Engineering: The development of innovative mechanisms, processes or systems.
  • NanoCorr, Energy & Modelling (NCEM)Developing nano coatings incorporating corrosion issues for interacting systems & structures supported by predictive & prognostic platforms and nano enhanced thermofluids/thermal storage for clean energy applications.
  • Tribology & Design: The study of friction, wear, lubrication, and the science of interacting surfaces.

The core of our philosophy is for our research to inform the university’s teaching, professional practice as well as our wider society. The key to the centre’s outputs are intrinsically linked to the universities values of Creating, Sharing and Inspiring and we have created ‘internationally excellent’ standards of research in the two previous Research Excellent Framework (REF) assessments in 2008 and 2014. In addition, many of its members have won or been nominated for excellence in their research at national and international awards.

Some of our many notable projects in these themes include:

If you are interested in knowing more about the centre or wish to seek academics best linked to your enquiry, please contact the department’s Head of Research, Dr Bryce Dyer via or (1202) 961321.

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