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The Seldom Heard Voices: marginalisation and societal integration Research Centre brings together a range of academics of different disciplines from across Social Sciences and Social Work as well as colleagues from health disciplines such as Mental Health Nursing. The Centre includes early career researchers keen to be mentored as well as established researchers.

Our aim is to collaborate, develop and share networks for joint research activities and funding bids to achieve a critical mass of high quality social science focused research within the Faculty. Our research relies on both qualitative and quantitative methods to engage with marginalised communities and often excluded or silenced voices, particularly through user-led (Social Work) and participatory, co-created approaches.

Our work demonstrates significant impact on the communities involved. We share a value of applying our research to real-world challenges to create maximum societal impact. This includes a wide range of categories of people and communities (e.g. looked-after children, youth in the developing world or conflict areas, youth and disability, parental substance use, sexuality and well-being, stigmatised or threatened minorities, immigrants and trafficking victims, carers, homelessness, diverse identities and many more). Impact includes contributions to child and adult social care practice, policy and practice influence, and theoretical contributions to conflict resolution and community empowerment in the UK and globally, including in Kosovo, Malaysia and Costa Rica.

We have a strong track record of developing collaborative partnerships with communities and other key stakeholders. Our approach epitomizes the `Fusion’ of professional practice, research and education to make a difference to real world challenges, and to produce measurable impacts at individual, community and wider global societal levels.

Our research at a glance

Please see below for a range of conference posters capturing some of the current research and proposal areas within our Centre.

Current research

Research themes

Marginalisation and Social Inclusion

Our research in this area has a broad base and spans a number of disciplines including sociology, social anthropology, criminology, social policy, law, history, politics and social work. In particular we are interested in seldom heard groups. Current research includes:

  • Urban and rural homelessness,
  • Mixed heritage women in 18th century Jamaica,
  • Seldom heard voices of researchers undertaking sensitive research,
  • Arts-based methods to elicit seldom heard voices,
  • Stories of infertility and childlessness,
  • Sexual well being and physical disability.

Conflict, Identities and Transformation

Our research in this area has a broad base and spans a number of disciplines including sociology, social anthropology, criminology, social policy, law, and  politics . In particular we are interested in seldom heard groups. Current research includes:

  • Human rights for North Korean women and trafficking survivors in China,
  • Active citizenship through the arts for young people in post-conflict Kosovo,
  • Nationalism,
  • What does Brexit mean for the UK social care workforce,
  • Hate crime,
  • – and disability,
  • – and societal divisions (Brexit-related, Balkan conflict),

Social Work and Social Practice

Our research in this area includes practice across a number of disciplines including social work, mental health nursing, and social care practice . In particular we are interested in thinking critically about practice, and engaging seldom heard voices in this reflexive process. Current research includes:

  • Older male carers over the age of 85 years,
  • Child mortality and austerity,
  • Ethics of care,
  • Acknowledging and accrediting professional reasoning and judgement,
  • Dignity and human rights for people with Down’s Syndrome,
  • Child homicide assailants.


Recent publications

Peer-reviewed outputs in research area published/accepted since 1st Jan 2014

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 REF returnable books in research area published/accepted since 1st Jan 2014 (criterion 2)

Fenge, L., Lee, S. and Brown, K. (2017) Safeguarding Adults: Scamming and Mental Capacity, London:Sage

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This section provides links to some of our creative outputs and activities:

The AHRC Changing the Story’ Project, of which we lead the ‘Kosovo Strand’, including project videos.

The Seen but Seldom Heard Project – youth and disability.

The Seen But Seldom Heard Project – short film about the project using performance poetry to explore disability.

The Older Carer’s research study: Chief Cook and Bottle Washer.

The Parent’s Story Project: Parental substance use. Trailer for the play SCORE!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Svvwt2qBAmY

The Gay and Grey Project

The cross-faculty ‘Conflict Transformation Studies’ project.


Head: Professor Lee-Ann Fenge, Professor of Social Care

Deputy Heads: Dr Mel Hughes and Dr Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers


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