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The Centre for Media History seeks to:

  • Stimulate an interest in media history
  • Develop partnerships with national and international partners to promote the study of media history
  • Work for the preservation of media and specifically broadcasting archives
  • Develop new ways of incorporating media history into teaching and learning
  • Bid for research grants to further our aims
  • Provide a stimulating and supportive environment for postgraduate researchers.
The Centre for Media History holds a meeting every month. If you would like to join us please email one of the Centre Directors.
We also organise the Centre for Media History Public Lecture Series (see our Latest News below).
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Kathryn who is one of our PhD students  working at the BBC Written Archive in Caversham.

Kathryn McDonald working at the BBC Written Archive in Caversham.

Our Collections and Collaborations



Independent Television/Broadcasting Authority and Cable Authority archive

The paper archive of the former regulators of commercial broadcasting from 1955 are held at Bournemouth University and have managed by staff at the Centre for Media History. The archive has become a major resource for broadcasting historians.

Collaborative Digitisation

Staff at the Centre for Media History have been involved in the digitisation of large collections of ‘independent local radio’ (or commercial radio) and has produced a resource which is now available online at the BUFVC website.

The Independent Local Radio Programme Sharing Scheme 1983-1990: The Felicity Wells Memorial Archive

The AHRC-funded Felicity Wells Memorial Collection of Independent Radio (1973-1990) brings together materials originally created as the Independent Local Radio (ILR) Sharing Scheme for which those working in features, drama, music and news departments of commercial radio could offer their work to be used throughout the UK.

London Broadcasting Company and Independent Radio News Audio Archive

This JISC-funded resource brings together some 4,000 hours of content from the collections of the London Broadcasting Company/ Independent Radio News Archive, from its beginnings in 1973 up to 1995. A summary of the project can be found on the  JISC website.

Central Southern England Independent Local Radio 1975-1990 Digitisation Project

This AHRC-funded resource, approximately 1300 individual programmes, is a unique opportunity to listen again to programmes that were deposited with the Wessex Film and Sound Archive  at the Hampshire Record Office by independent local radio stations (ILRs) in the Central Southern (Dorset, Hampshire and Berkshire) area.

International History of Public Relations

The Public Relations Research Group is linked with the Centre for Media History due to their strong interest in the history of public relations. Bournemouth University hosts the annual International History of Public Relations Conference, which started in 2010. It is the main international event for scholars in the field of PR history. In addition to its Proceedings, the IHPRC has spurred a flowering of scholarship and publication in book and article form. Each year, the conference attracts papers from up to 18 different countries and subsequently plays an important role in revising the history of public relations.

Twitter_logo_blue International History of Public Relations Twitter account

Hugh Chignell talking about the importance and use of of radio archives.



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